Common import & export mistakes

Running an international business is far away from simple. Whether you are a small business owner or your business is already large, before you start importing and exporting the goods you need to be prepared. That means you will need to know what items you can import and export and what you cannot. In case you are living in the USA and want to export your goods and import them to Japan, you are in the right place. Since you will need professional help to conduct your transport, you will need to hire a reliable company to perform this task. We are one of the leading overseas shipping companies and we will be glad to help you out. In order to save you from making import and & export mistakes today will discuss this topic. Stay with us and find out common issues businesses faces when exporting and importing goods overseas.

Import & export mistakes you need to avoid

When you have to organize the transportation of your goods, there is a lot of jobs to do. However, the efficient organization and logistic is a must, especially when it comes to international shipping. The last thing you should do is underestimate the complexity of these preparations. Even if it seems you can handle this task by yourself, that is not a great idea, especially if you are doing this job for the first time. The first mistake you should avoid when it comes to cargo Export and import is cooperation with unreliable companies. Since we are in this business for many years, we remind you to find and hire only trustworthy services you should rely on. Remember, you need to have professionals by your side who will know how to cope with export and import challenges.

Make an agreement with reliable company and avoid import & export mistakes
Let a trustworthy logistic company help you prevent import & export mistakes.

Here is the list of other import and export mistakes you need to pay attention to before you start planning your transportation:

  • the lack of knowledge about export and import regulations and procedures of particular countries;
  • not declaring the correct value of your goods in customs;
  • the lack of knowledge about Incoterms;
  • failing to ensure your goods before export and import;
  • not getting full information about the supplier or the origin of the product.

Importance of hiring reliable logistics and cargo shipping company

Conducting import and export will depend on the laws of all the countries involved in procedures. There is a list of rules that define what you can import in a certain country and you need to know all details. Unluckily, the lack of knowledge about these import and export regulations can cause serious problems. If you don’t know what items you can import and export that can be the fastest way to lose a lot of money while running a global trade business. As a business owner or global trade entrepreneur, you should constantly update yourself with a list of allowed and prohibited items. Also, you can let these complicated things to our Kokusai Express Japan experts and prevent all potential import & export mistakes. We will be more than glad to handle everything during your import and export procedures.

Let us support you during the export and import of your goods.

Hiring an incompetent logistic company is one of the most common import & export mistakes

Even if it seems that you need to spend a lot of money in hiring professional logistic services, that is far away from true. Investing your money in professional cargo, customs clearance Japan, and logistic services is a safe way to conduct your transport. Moreover, there is no better way to save your money. We have all resources and knowledge to prevent any export & import mistakes that could occur. Experience and expertise in exporting and importing goods all around the globe are what makes us your best choice once you need to ship our goods. On the other hand, if you hire an incompetent or inexperienced logistic company, you will not escape from export & import mistakes. Therefore, make sure to avoid hiring inexperienced logistic companies and save your business from this huge mistake.

The lack of knowledge about export and import regulations

Every country has standards in terms of product quality, packaging, marking, and language of the goods. So, before you ship any product to another country, get the exact product specifications from the buyer or freight provider. In addition, try to find out from the country’s chamber of commerce, export promotion council, or customs officials what the country’s laws are on the importation of items like that. This way, you can be sure about the exact quality, packaging, marking, and language of the product that is allowed.

 Don’t undervalue or overvalue your products

Undervaluing your products can have terrible consequences in terms of both insurance and customs clearance. At the moment when customs clearance realized that the value of the product was faked, you will have a huge problem to solve. If you have faked the value of your products just to reduce the insurance premium or avoid large customs duties, this could be tagged as fraud. Wondering what will happen next? Well, the products will get confiscated. But that is not the end of the story. If the buyer is found, he could get arrested and even imprisoned. Since you want to avoid such as scenario, make sure to take the advice from us.

Woman looking at invoice
Make sure to pay attention to invoices for your products.

Remember, the price on the commercial invoice must always reflect the correct, true price of the product. Make sure to check your invoices before the damage is made. Skip your plans about undervaluing or overvaluing your products,  so that issues don’t arise in the process. Unluckily, this is one of the common export & import mistakes many businesses still make. If you hire our customs clearance services, this is not going to happen. We will remind you about all the important things like this is.

Right and complete information about the goods need to be submitted

If you want to import your products to Japan, you need to follow some specific rules. One of them says that all your goods need to be properly labeled, marked, and packed. Moreover, labeling, packing, and marking your products is inevitable for gathering all-important documentations. So, labeling, marking, and packing your goods improperly is one of the export & import mistakes you need to avoid.

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