Choosing a Suitable Storage Unit: How To Do It Right

Choosing a suitable storage unit is essential for good business. Not only could it turn a new page for your business, but it could also lead you to success. There are a lot of reasons for that. No matter what you will put into the storage, you should know that it will affect many things in your company. International freight forwarding relies on having a safe space for spare stuff.

Many people consider storage as not very important part of their business and shipping. However, having a place where you can safely put your stuff, even short term is crucial. You will be happy to know that they are in one place. Also, you should know that they will not change the shape and physical state. It could save your business.

Worker in storage
You need storage that has good entrance and approach

Conditions to look for when choosing a suitable storage unit

It is great when you can have clean and dry storage to protect all your stuff. However, storage is supposed to be clean and dry in all circumstances. It is good to check if it is protected well, but it is not enough. If you need to have temperature-controlled storage, it should be the first you will look for. Also, do not forget about access and location. All of that you can have for a special price.

  • Size of the storage is crucial for your business – however, it does not mean that you should rent the biggest one;
  • You need to ask for all conditions that storage offers – otherwise, your moving to Japan could turn into a nightmare;
  • Price is surely very important – you will see that price that the owner asks depends on the condition of the storage, but also many other factors;
  • When choosing a suitable storage unit you should have in mind the location of it – you will save time and money thanks to it;
  • It is very important to keep in mind the company that rents the storage – a professional company is good in every part including storage.


You surely know that price mostly depends on the size of the storage. However, it is not the only you need to pay attention to when renting storage. Companies include many other parts in the price when providing you a service. It means that you should include other conditions and talk with the owner about discounts. If you need a good company like Kokusai Express Moving with long experience of renting storages and good prices.


You will ask for the best when choosing a storage and it is more than having a good place for storing. You can ask for a clean and safe space, but you can also demand much more. There are situations when you can ask for an air climate option or surveillance. Many of those things people ask for even from domestic moving when the usage of the storage is much shorter.

Rely on the company

A professional company will offer you the best option when choosing a suitable storage unit. It means that they will make a good combination of the services and the best price. So, you need to make a good agreement that fulfills your needs.

Location is important when choosing a suitable storage unit

Do not forget that the location of the storage is crucial for your business. It will save you money and time on storage that is close to your job. Also, you should look for storage that has good parking and is far away from the crowd, but close to the highway.

A storage
Location matters when choosing a suitable storage unit

Visit before renting

Like in any other circumstance, you should see what you buy. It means that you need to visit the storage before renting. There are a lot of things that you cannot predict, no matter how great they have described them. It does not mean that owner will lie to you, simply, he cannot explain all you need properly.

Usage should be one of the questions to ask when choosing a suitable storage unit

No matter what you will do with your storage, you should know that it must have at least basic conditions. It should be protected from humidity and not have mold. However, if you will use the storage for food or liquid, there are a lot of other things that you should pay attention to. For some of them, you should ask before asking for the price.

Length of renting

Although renting in the short term is cheaper, sometimes it is better to rent storage in the long term. It is especially important if you are not sure how long you will need it. Renting in long term will save money in the end.


You surely feel comfortable with as large as you can get storage. However, it is not always a smart decision. Large storage could be much more expensive, and you will pay for the service that you do not need. Choosing a smaller storage unit is better in many ways.


Many people do not care about ventilation, especially if they don’t have food in storage. However, you should choose storage with good air ventilation even if you have planned to keep furniture there. It protects your stuff in long term.

Services are also important when choosing a suitable storage unit

There are a lot of people that do not choose storage only for their main purpose. They would love to have a vehicle for transporting and perhaps workers for packing. Good storage also must have protection and properly keep your stuff safe. The most important thing is to have a good entrance that allows an approach to large machines.


Good entrance is crucial for loading the stuff into the storage. You must be informed about the location and how far the storage is from your office. However, you can have serious troubles when your driver must load the truck later. So, choose storage with a good loading ramp.

Protection is also very important to choose good storage for your purposes


No matter how long you will use your storage, you need to protect the stuff inside. If storage has good surveillance, it is great. You should ask for that when choosing a suitable storage unit. However, if not, you can learn types of locks and make sure that it will not be broken.

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