Changes in the moving industry in 2021

When you compare moving from a couple of years to now there are noticeable changes. Especially with a worldwide pandemic in mind, you can see how obvious the differences are. That’s why you will spot them instantly with any reliable moving company you decide to use. Here are just some of the changes in the moving industry in 2021 that will be more or less obvious to you and that have the potential to be very helpful in the future.

Overcoming the challenges helped us grow

As every person and business, the moving business also had its challenges. However, that made the new year a year of improvement and overcoming obstacles.  And by doing that the whole industry needed to accept that everything will need to change. With limited transportation services, it really became difficult to work. Above all, it was both the clients and the businesses that greatly suffered. For that reason, the moving industry improves even today in order to never find itself in such a bad situation. Overcoming problems really was important for the changes in the moving industry in 2021 and probably will be for the future. Solving the massive problems that the pandemic still poses is our priority and it will continue to be like that. However, we are more eager than ever to provide the people with great and high-quality services.

Mover driving a pick up
There have been many challenges that have been hitting the moving industry in 2021

Changes in the moving industry in 2021 – Everything is sanitized

The pandemic is still lurking around and we can’t avoid it. It has become a part of our lifestyle and it will probably stay like that for some time. For that reason, the moving industry has made enormous steps when it comes to keeping everyone protected. Every part of our equipment from moving trucks to the moving boxes everything needs to be clean and sanitized. Even when you look like the bigger players in the industry like air freight forwarders have taken extreme measures. Especially with flying becoming a luxury in the pandemic era.  This way every business can stay open as much as they can and the clients are safe from the virus. Of course, one of the top priorities is the safety of the workers and every measure is taken that they stay healthy.

Social distancing is now part of every relocation

We love putting a smile on our clients’ faces. However, we can’t see it as everyone from our moving crew is obligated to wear a face mask. And we make sure that our client also wears a mask. Moreover, we always keep the distance from our clients to minimize the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19. It has been difficult to adjust to the new measures but now it has become a part of everyday life for movers. It’s the easiest way to stay safe in today’s world where even the smallest amount of virus can create big problems for you. Leaving enough space between people can help a lot when maintaining health.

Face masks
Social distancing and protective face masks have been among the big changes in the moving industry in 2021

Safety precautions are better than ever

When it comes to protecting people in the moving industry we can’t just talk about the measures of keeping the virus away. Of course, the main focus is still on keeping everything clean but there is more to it than just wearing a mask and sanitizing the moving truck. For example, the project cargo industry has always upped their safety protocols just because of the nature of the work they’re doing. And the new year is no exception in this case. It’s very important to note that the safety precautions have risen even in the difficult times that the moving industry finds itself in. That really shows just how much improvement there is from the start of the year.

Changes in the moving industry in 2021 – It’s eco-friendlier than ever

One of the important questions in the moving industry is eco-friendliness and it has been like that for years. There have been improvements not only in the last years but also this year. More and more moving boxes are out of renewable and recyclable materials. And that’s not it, there are more and more ideas of moving and packing smarter and cleaner. In the near future, we can expect that we’ll move you without leaving any footprints on the environment and even cheaper as new materials enter the market. However, we still need to wait for development, but this year has come with much good news. If the trend of creating a more eco-friendly continues like this there’s a bright future for everyone.

A mobile phone with the recycling sign on it
Being eco-friendly is not a new thing in the moving industry, and 2021 was just an improvement in comparison with previous years

Virtual house tours are the norm

Virtual house tours aren’t a novelty but are being used recently to showcase houses. Of course, the best method is to see the home in person, however, that’s not the safest way anymore. It’s probably one of the biggest changes in the moving industry in 2021. So many people now do their house tour virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic and generally safety reasons. This has even impacted positively on the housing market as the sales haven’t dropped. Even besides that the movers are helping to redecorate more than actually moving stuff.

This year has been a year of struggles but also improvements. The majority of changes in the moving industry in 2021 are actually regarding the safety of clients and movers. There aren’t enough words to say how important it is to create a climate where working can start like before. However, in the meantime, it’s good that we adapt. It’s very challenging to tackle every problem that there is in the moving industry. But, at least there is a lot of will to bring betterment into an industry that faces rough times.


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