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A paper boat and a pirate boat.

One of the luxuries of life is to live near the water. There are many people who spend their days dreaming about a beach house or a cabin somewhere on a lake. To go along with these wonderful things, you will also probably want to have a boat. Getting your friends on a picnic out…

A worker trying to manage warehouse inventory

There are many ways to manage warehouse inventory. Some of them are very simple, like making an inventory list. Other ones imply serious organization and employer’s involvement. However, it is not simple items arrangements in the warehouse. It should be a much more serious organization that has an effect on job maintenance. (more…)

A warehouse.

Do you have a warehouse? Feel like you are spending way too much money on keeping it running, yet you cannot put everything in? Is its efficiency lacking? Even though you will reap many benefits of investing in warehouse space, you will also need to work hard on maintaining it and improving its efficiency. The most…

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Storage units.

More and more clients have a dilemma dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing. We used on making choice between different types of storages. There are so many different types on the market. On the other hand, when the crucial question is how large space I actually need, the choice is simple. You should decide if you…

Piles of papers

There are many reasons why a company would get a storage unit. Sometimes, you need more space but you cannot expand, so you decide to store the things you don't really use into storage. Or maybe you have discovered you have thousands upon thousands of documents that are really taking up too much space. Whatever…

Prevent mold in storage units

Even though it sounds obvious, sometimes is important to know how to prevent mold in storage units. There are many things that we put there. Surely many of them are important for us. Although it is a small fungus, mold could damage our stuff but our health, too. Mold lives in an area with high…

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