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Top Japan storage safety tips

November 29, 2017.
Here are the top Japan storage safety tips which you should know before committing to one company.

Sometimes, there is just that overflow of belongings, right? It could be that you’ve recently made an international move to Japan and simply have a bit too much stuff. Or, you’re a new entrepreneur starting your business and need to store your cargo. Perhaps it’s something else altogether. However, self-storage is a big part of…

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Relocation is a grand venture, and storage is just one of the tools you are presented with to help you.

So you have your mind set on relocating to the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, Kokusai Express fully supports and welcomes your decision. Not only that, but we will offer whatever assistance we can to make your relocation as smooth as possible. Now, most foreigners fail to fully comprehend what it means to move…

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If you are considering leasing warehouse space you need to know important factors before doing it. The process of finding a warehouse for storing your goods is easier when you have a good moving company like Kokusai Express Japan. Every product that is importing or exporting in Japan, need a storage space – warehouse. There…

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