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using calculator to find reasons to purchase moving insurance

Moving is a very expensive and complicated process. And many people are trying to cut their costs any way they can. However, one of the things that you shouldn’t be saving on is moving insurance. There are many reasons to purchase moving insurance, and one of the most important is to cover yourself from potential…

Moving internationally as a senior couple

Almost 10,000 Americans are retiring every day. That is about 3.6 million every year. A lot of them are deciding to move abroad.  And there are many reasons for that. From, lower overall living expenses, access, cheaper and better healthcare to a more relaxed lifestyle. If you are thinking about moving internationally as a senior,…

A woman holding a leaf and ''eco-friendly packing'' written - we've prepared some eco-friendly overseas moving tips for you

Nowadays, it is extremely important to look for ways to make more eco-friendly choices and to be eco-conscious. Now more than ever, people are doing everything they can to protect the environment and make cleaner and smarter decisions. The good news is, you can even do this when you're moving overseas. Even if you end…

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Truck in cold weather shipping and moving

Moving and shipping are never easy. However, there are situations when they are exceptionally hard. One of the most difficult is cold weather shipping and moving. If you are moving in winter, not only that you will have to deal with snow and icy conditions, but you will also have to protect your items from…

A Japanese temple

When you're moving to a whole new country, things can get pretty daunting pretty fast. People tend to be overwhelmed by this enormous change and for good reason. It's not exactly easy leaving your current life, job, friends, family and home and embarking on this adventure. If you're moving to Japan this Christmas, it means…

Transporting lumber overseas

December 18, 2019.

Shipping cargo overseas is something that you should always research beforehand. There are things you should know about overseas shipments before you undertake a project like that. However, sometimes gathering all the important information isn't as easy as it sounds. Well, if you're planning on transporting lumber overseas, we want to prepare you for that…

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