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A person holding a package.

The world is at a point where people send parcels every day. Some travel in the same city and some don't leave the country. However, some of these travel great distances, often crossing borders and even continents. That's why one of the challenges of modern society is figuring out global forwarding services. What is the best…

Cargo waiting for loading.

Shipping items overseas always carries risks. You might be scared they are going to get lost or damaged, or stolen. Then, you might be worried about how global forwarding services treat your packages. There are many things you can do to counter this. You can find freight forwarders you can trust and you can pack your items securely.…

An envelope - learn how to send envelopes and packages

You might have noticed this, but the world we live in is huge. However, with technology developing and growing on the daily basis, the world has been getting smaller and smaller in recent years. Still, there is one way we do not connect with people from different countries with technology - and that is the…

Package theft prevention guide

February 01, 2018.
There are many methods of package theft protection when being in office often.

As the power and reach of the Internet grow, so does the online shopping. Nowadays, everything is at your fingertips and delivered straight to your door. And this is where the problem occurs. With the rise of the online shoppers, so has risen the danger of your packages never reaching your door. Package theft prevention…

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You can transport your small package freight by a ship.

things to think about. Whether you are handling international freight forwarding or moving cargo in Japan, you need to balance multiple factors. There are costs to think of, but also packaging, transportation, the safety of your cargo and much more. In this article, we talk about small package freight and its benefits over small parcel shipping.…

We've got some pointers on how to avoid international shipping scams in Japan

Business is always full of risks and rewards. Sometimes, you’re trying to create the best marketing strategy for a new product. At other times, you’re wondering which venue to invest in. And then, there is always the tricky deal making choice. So, where should fraudulent schemes regarding cargo transportation be sorted? Well, they connect a…

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