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Port crowd that could be a reason why your shipments might be late

There are a lot of reasons why your shipments might be late. Also, there are situations when terrible reasons cause delaying. It means that somebody stole your shipment or shipping companies have lost it. Luckily, those things cannot happen to professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan. They will pack, protect, and ship your items on…

spilled coins from the jar

Shipping internationally has become the norm. Since people move around, they want to send presents and items to their families and friends. In addition to this, if you are moving from Japan, for example, you might want to ship your furniture to your country. Running a business yet another reason for shipping internationally. For this…

two women reading a bill of lading

Whether you are moving or shipping items internationally, you should find a good company. This can either be a moving company or overseas shipping companies. Since you will be using their services, you need to sign a contract or at least have an official written agreement. This where the bill of lading comes in. It…

E-Commerce Packing Tips

June 09, 2020.
Two computers exchange goods for credit card which shows how e-commerce packing tips could be useful for many purposes

E-commerce packing tips could help you a lot in life. It is a particular type of business that relies on packing and shipping the most. Not only that, but they must also pack items correctly, they have to choose an acceptable shipping company. Many companies, including overseas shipping companies, learn how they pack and send…

Statue of angle that could be easy to make it if you want to pack and move statues

In a situation when you must pack and move statues, you may feel a little anxious. Those are very hard for packing sometimes. Although there are companies that organize exhibition cargo, people usually avoid them. They think that it is a costly service. In most cases, they are right. There are a lot of reasons…

black and yellow metal signage beside green grasses during daytime

Do you need to ship potentially hazardous materials? This can be difficult as international shipping regulations have changed drastically since 2001. The list of materials has never been longer than today. This does not come as surprise since many shipping companies are not thrilled with sending potentially dangerous materials. The reason is simple. There is a…

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