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A large ship that could cause problems with shipping

It is for sure that everybody worries about problems with shipping and for a reason. You can face different troubles when shipping goods, starting from losing documents to losing goods. If you look closely, many problems in this field happen due to human error, so you should prepare yourself and your team for this problem.…

Lot of boxes that could help you to prevent damaging goods

It is crucial to prevent damaging goods when shipping overseas. There are many ways to prevent damages, but the best way is to cooperate with a professional company like Kokusai Express Moving. (more…)

Items you can't ship to Japan

Among items you can’t ship to Japan are mostly those that you cannot bring to any country in the world. However, you should be aware of the fact that each country has its own rules, so learn them before traveling. To avoid possible problems, rely on professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan for moving. (more…)

A tractor

So, you're looking to ship some of your agriculture machinery overseas. This might sound like a difficult thing to do, but it isn't. With the help of a reliable moving company like Kokusai Express Japan and our tips, you will be able to have a smoothly do everything. Shipping agriculture machinery is not something that…

A ship ful of containers that show why is important to plan your shipping around the holidays

It is crucial to plan your shipping around the holidays smartly and fast. Some companies will not allow you to ship goods during these days. There are some of them that will not accept goods for shipping long before the holidays. However, good companies like Kokusai Express Japan will provide all you need on time…

Sea freight transport is the most common type of transport of goods. Both importers and exporters. use this type of shipping. Almost 90% of the goods in the world are shipped by ocean. It is the most cost-efficient method for shipping large quantities of goods. Cargo is usually packed in containers. One cargo ship can…

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