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Restricted items in Japan does not include many unexpected and unusual things. You should know that they are not much different from the rest of the world. On the other hand, we know that every country and continent have their habits and behavior. When going to different cultures, like Japanese, you should prepare yourself for…

Containers on a ship

One of the major parts of the world economy is the import and export of goods. In order for a country to be well connected, it needs to produce goods and export them, as well as import goods that it has needs of. This is why a lot of people in Japan invest in exporting…

Exotic pets import regulations in Japan

Japan is a country with a lot of different animals, from cats and dogs to more exotic ones, such as bears and salamanders. Of course, you will not hold those wild ones as pets. But, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for those animals to be imported or exported. And not for a very noble cause.…

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Various foods

There are many similarities between moving to another country and moving your office there. For example, when relocating to Japan, you will not only need to learn about Japanese culture but their rules and laws as well. Learning about these is one of the first and most important things you need to do. You simply cannot…

There are many things to think about and take into account when dealing with international trade. Even though, with the advance of technology, this world keeps getting smaller and smaller, somehow international trade still poses many difficulties. For starters, there are many different laws and tariffs that are placed on the goods. Even worse, every…

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Common problems exporters face

January 12, 2018.
Another set of problems exporters face are those that can happen on the borders.

Are you a growing company looking to expand overseas? Are you scared and unsure about what to do? Do you wonder which markets to target? Are you scared that you will not understand the trading documentation? Or maybe you would like to expand, but you're not speaking the language, or you have no overseas offices there. Do not…

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