Cargo shipping risks and ways to avoid them

When your business is related to cargo shipping, you have to be extremely careful. There are many things that could go wrong. Your company might end up paying a large amount of money because of damage. In addition to this, your customers might lose trust in your services. The lack of customers equals less profit. For this reason, you need to understand all the cargo shipping risks and how to avoid them. If your business is dealing with exhibition cargo Japan, you have to make sure to minimize risks and offer only quality service. 

Understand the risks first 

How can you prevent risks if you do not know what to expect? Well, you cannot. For this reason, you should first read about the type of risks that can endanger your business. When you know all the risks, only then you can develop a strategy in order to prevent the same risks. The risks can include: 

  • Late delivery 
  • Shipment that disappeared 
  • The container might slip from the crane and crack open 
  • Damaged containers and goods which can cause a decrease in value 
  • Goods getting wet and spoiled 
  • The shipment could enter the destination country 
  • Any type of natural disaster that can cause damage in the warehouse 
cargo shipping risks - floods
Natural disasters, such as floods, can cause damage to your warehouse

Cargo shipping risks – follow best practices 

Here are the best practices you should follow if you want to reduce the possibility of cargo shipping damages. First, pack smaller items into right-sized boxes and make sure to fill the box with void-fillers. In addition to this, you should isolate liquids, flammable and combustible items. Make sure to properly distribute weight on pallets. Next, strap well items to the pallets so they will not be able to move. Inspect all the boxes and containers for any cracks and small damages. Check the same containers if they are free from pests. The same practices apply to project cargo as well. 

Fill your package to its capacity 

When you have a shipping container with too much empty space, it can cause damage to the items inside. If the items keep bumping into the interior walls, they can break or get bruises. For this reason, fill the container to its capacity. However, you should use quality packing materials if you want to protect your parcels. It will be beneficial to invest in quality packing supplies and it will reduce the total of overhead costs. Fill the space with foam or bubble plastic. In addition to this, use strong adhesive tape so the items cannot move. In order to achieve this, you must choose the correct pallet size. Secure the items and avoid making pyramids. Lastly, heavy and bulky items need to be strapped tightly. 

Prevent cargo shipping risks by applying industrial shrinkwrap 

Scratches and dents are not the only risks the items can face. Moisture still can reach the cargo. In addition to this, cargo can become a target of theft and vandalism. In order to prevent these risks, use industrial shrink wrap. However, do not use rolls that you can find at a local store, but rather invest in recyclable heat-sealed polyethylene shrink wrap. This wrap will protect from corrosion, humidity, pests, and thieves. In addition to this, shrink wrap is weatherproof and made of quality materials.  

Check your cargo even after inventory 

Usually, employees at the warehouse will do an inventory a few days before the shipment. However, many things can happen until the very moment of loading. For this reason, it is necessary to check cargo, especially for international shipping. Always check if all the cargo is there, their condition, and similar. If you find something amiss, you can fix it before you send it off. On the other hand, if your customer finds something wrong with their package, your company will be held liable. In addition to this, you can reduce manpower with proper labeling. A label should state the exact content of the containers. 

cargo ships docked at the pier during day
Check your cargo a couple of times before the delivery

Have cargo insurance 

One of the most effective ways, if not the most effective, to reduce the risks of any possible damage, is to get additional insurance for cargo. For this reason, you should get comprehensive cargo insurance. The insurance should provide coverage for damage to products, equipment, and goods and also while in transit by air, sea or land. In addition to this, the insurance should offer coverage for liability for destruction and damage to items while they are under your care. Even though customers’ satisfaction should be your priority, you still need to protect your company as well.  

Improve your loading and handling practices 

As mentioned briefly, you should improve your loading practices if they are lacking. First, put the heaviest load at the bottom. Then, put the lighter item on the top and that is the strategy you should use. You should avoid double stacking pallets or cartons. In addition to this, use a cushion to prevent damage caused by movement. Apart from loading practices, improve your handling practices as well. This means to ensure proper training for your employees, do not rush your employees or put too much pressure on them as this can force employees to make poor decisions and cause damage. Your employees should be properly trained, understand the restrictions and regulations, and work in the stress-free environment if possible. 

yellow and black forklift during daytime
Invest in quality equipment for your warehouse

Other cargo shipping risks 

Here are the last cargo shipping risks and ways to prevent them. 

  • Prevent rain damage by ensuring proper ventilation 
  • Warehouse conditions are important to prevent risks, such as a logical layout, clean aisles, proper equipment, and so on 
  • Proper material-handling equipment so you can be more effective and faster in completing your tasks 
  • Plan your supply chain by organizing your documents, keeping up with arrivals, packing, and shipping out packages 
  • Improve working conditions as your employees will work more efficiently if they are treated well  

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