Can you move your plants overseas

You are moving again and this time you are moving to Japan. International relocation is no easy feat, especially when you must move your plants overseas. Such a task requires a lot of preparation and a professional moving company to assist you. Therefore, let us prepare you for this journey and ensure your plants reach the other side unharmed.

Time of the year and climate change can be a problem when you are about to move your plants overseas

Depending on the time of year, you must think about extreme heat and cold winters. Of course, climate change is there as well. So, if you are moving over the summer, you must water your plants the night before and use the plant protection to give them the advantage. It will be a long journey ahead and they must have enough moisture to endure this journey. On the other hand, for the winter period, simply cover your plants with bags designed for these situations. You can purchase those in flower shops or at the hardware store. And finally, because you are moving internationally, you must enlist a moving company with a climate-controlled moving truck to relocate your plants to the warehouse where they will proceed with air or sea freight forwarding.

Be mindful of the climate and weather change before you move your plants overseas
Some plants can’t stand the harsh weather and sudden changes in climate. Think about it in advance.

Move your plants overseas with the professional moving service

Now, because your plants are extremely fragile, you must find a moving company that has the experience to move them. You will find your company online and with a bit of research, you will find a match. Compare prices and services and ensure your moving company is licensed with the proper logistics in place and all the tools required for the job. We can make your search a bit easier by recommending Kokusai Express Moving company as one of the best international moving-related businesses. Check them out and you’ll realize they can relocate your plants flawlessly.

Check the condition your plants are in before moving

Before you can move your plants overseas you must inspect them thoroughly. This means you should check the following and ensure your plants are ready for shipping:

  • Tend and trim if needed
  • Change and refresh the soil
  • Change pots
  • Clean your plants
A person holding a plant
Clean and tend to your plants before they hit the road. Make nice and cozy environment they’ll travel in.

Whatever you intend to do, you should do it well in advance. At least a week before the move so your plant can adapt and rest for a while.

Get them ready for moving

Ok, now it is time to move your plants overseas with the help of a qualified moving team. Let them handle your cargo and keep in mind they know all the tactics and means on how to do this right. You will shortly realize that they will separate the rest of the cargo from your plants to avoid a collision or they will even have a second vehicle dedicated to your plants only. This widely depends on the number of plants you are transporting as well. Hence, let your air freight forwarders do their job and ship your precious cargo overseas. And do not worry, it will reach the destination in one piece.

Should you transport plants yourself?

In this situation, the only thing you can do is to drive your plants to the loading dock and that would be it. Rest is up to your movers and shippers. But you should do it yourself only if you have a properly sized vehicle and you are sure this journey won’t affect your plants. You can always rent a moving truck but that might be too expensive. And it won’t be movers fault if you deliver plants in an already fragile state. So, we would advise you to let your movers cover all steps and keep the DIY project for some other time. Maybe for the time when you are not moving internationally.

Now you are ready to move your plants overseas. The only hard part here is to prepare your plants for the journey. Focus on this task as we explained earlier and hope for the best. The rest is up to your moving and shipping team. Hopefully, you will enlist the right one. Good luck.

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