Should you rent a self-storage unit for your bike collection?

According to the Self Storage Association, when it comes to the real-estate industry in the United States, self-storage has been one of the fastest growing branches in the last three decades. And really, it's no wonder - everyone has things in their house that they should, but just can't get rid of. Just take a…

You can transport your small package freight by a ship.

things to think about. Whether you are handling international freight forwarding or moving cargo in Japan, you need to balance multiple factors. There are costs to think of, but also packaging, transportation, the safety of your cargo and much more. In this article, we talk about small package freight and its benefits over small parcel shipping.…

Moving from Europe to Japan

When you are moving from Europe to Japan, you need a guide how to do it. Japan is a totally different country than any country in Europe. If you are ready for this great change, you should be prepared for a cultural shock, different people, jobs, laws, and lifestyle. So, to help you get moving…

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We've got some pointers on how to avoid international shipping scams in Japan

Business is always full of risks and rewards. Sometimes, you’re trying to create the best marketing strategy for a new product. At other times, you’re wondering which venue to invest in. And then, there is always the tricky deal making choice. So, where should fraudulent schemes regarding cargo transportation be sorted? Well, they connect a…

Forbidden customs clearance items

If you are moving to Japan or you are shipping household goods to Japan. you need to know more about forbidden customs clearance items. There is a list of prohibited goods in Japan like in any other country. Japanese customs have many rules for customs clearance and prohibited and restricted items. Anyone who wants to import…

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Top Japan storage safety tips

November 29, 2017.
Here are the top Japan storage safety tips which you should know before committing to one company.

Sometimes, there is just that overflow of belongings, right? It could be that you’ve recently made an international move to Japan and simply have a bit too much stuff. Or, you’re a new entrepreneur starting your business and need to store your cargo. Perhaps it’s something else altogether. However, self-storage is a big part of…

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