Best practices for shipping heavy lift cargo

Shipping your heavy items to another state might be a little overwhelming. That is why having the right help to help you along with everything can be crucial. To prepare everything and to separate the heavy cargo you should be shipping, you are supposed to be organized, have multiple checklists, and make sure you have secured everything. With this guide for shipping heavy lift cargo, you will be one step closer to having one of the best and easiest shipping experiences ever. All you have to do is hire Kokusai Express and let these professionals deal with everything related to this transportation.

Different types of heavy-lift cargo

To organize everything properly, you must know what type of heavy lift cargo you have and how to get ready for every one of them. If you have the list of the items you are about to ship, it would be beneficial for you to give this list to the moving company that will help you with this relocation. Have on your mind that some states require some special documents and permissions for some items. So, if you are, for example, moving to Japan, make sure you have checked all the regulations and laws when it comes to transporting items you have.

man standing in front of things that are for shipping heavy lift cargo
Check the types and see which ones are yours to ship everything properly.

Breakbulk Cargo

Used for goods that cannot fit in boxes and containers that are standard size. The goods are packed in bags, boxes, crates, drums, barrels, etc. Examples of this cargo are tools, steel girders, heavy or oversized goods, some manufacturing equipment, and possible vehicles. The great deal about this cargo is ha you will be able to move the items that are oversized and overweight and the items you cannot find the proper box for. All of these items can be sent separately, so if you are moving internationally, you will be able to transport some goods two or three times.

Project Cargo

Dealing with protected cargo, you are obligated to describe the items you are transporting. You need to know everything about the cargo and the items and provide the company and the state of this cargo. This could be overwhelming for some people who have a lot of items to transport. This is usually something big companies need to deal with, especially if they are transporting some items like oil rigs and wind turbines. This is a heavy lift cargo and it needs special transportation and packing.

Containerized Cargo

These are the items that are packed in oversize containers. In this cargo, you can include vehicles and heavy machinery. Big companies that have a lot of these items and that are expanding their office to another state, should have this on their list of items.

Ro-Ro Cargo

As funny as the name sounds, you should know the meaning of this cargo. It is used for items that need some special drive or that can be driven. On some specialized vessels, such as cars and trucks. This cargo was developed to help you and the company that you are hiring for transportation. Check for the documents you need or this type of shipment.

Planning and coordination of shipping the heavy lift cargo

Since the items you are transporting are heavy lifts and you need proper help with those, it also means that you must plan and organize everything. The companies are dealing with the coordination and how to pack everything on the ship. However, when you will send some items and how you will pack them depends only on you.

people moving heavy item from moving truck
Proper packing and securing items is key to successful shipping

Proper packing and securing

Even though some items are too big and very heavy, you cannot pack them alone. But there are some things you can do. The most important thing you must do is to get everything clean. You will be avoiding so may damage and you will be one step closer to using those items after the relocation. When the items are clean you will not have to worry about whether some oil or dust or even water would come into some part of the cargo.

But there is one more thing before cleaning you must do. And that is to assemble everything. When you set apart all the parts of the items, if you are transporting some machines, you will clean them easier. Of course, you could pack small parts in some small boxes and make sure you label them. 

If you are not sure how to assemble everything and how to clean it, you should contact the professionals. Using proper cleaning products is also very important. o not use something that might damage them. Every machine and every company that has these types of items you are relocating knows which products can be used. So double-check everything.

Use of specialized equipment for shipping the heavy-lift cargo

The crucial reason why you should be hiring professionals is that they have the right and specialized equipment for heavy lift cargo. Most people who try to relocate or even remove some heavy items from their homes and offices end up hurt. Moving injuries are the most dangerous and common injuries that happen. Professionals have dollies and the right equipment that will lift and relocate the items from one place to another. The heavy lift cargo is the best example of why people should be hiring professionals to remove and get the cargo to the shipping area.

Experienced personnel

Trained and experienced people will give you a hand. Finding reputable and experienced people who know how to lift, where to drive, and how to properly pack the items in the containers, moving truck, or ship. So make sure you have searched for the companies and people who have great references, and insurance to offer you. And of course, the company that has the license. If you hire a company that is not reliable, you might not gather all the documents you need, not get the right information about the shipping payments, and the shipping schedule, and some items might get damaged.

man on dollie
Experienced and trained people are crucial for organizing everything for shipping heavy lift cargo

Gather all the information you need for his type of cargo. Explore the type of cargo you have and make sure you have prepared all the documents for this. Hiring the right and reliable company you hire for shipping heavy lift cargo will help you get everything you need on time and in the proper way.

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