Best places to start your business in Tokyo

Tokyo stands as a beacon of opportunity in the global business arena, boasting a dynamic landscape ripe for entrepreneurial ventures. Known for its stable economy and plenty of opportunities for newcomers, this is a great option for expanding your business. For this reason, we will show you the best places to start your business in Tokyo. On the other side, it is important to prepare properly for the upcoming move and organize it in the right way. This is where Kokusai Express Japan gets into a game. By having a reliable and experienced moving company, you will settle in no time in Tokyo and you can be focused on running your business!

A list of the places to start your business in Tokyo

Before settling your business in Tokyo, it is important to know which places you should consider:

  • Shibuya
  • Shinjuku
  • Ginza
  • Akihabara
  • Marunouchi

All these places are known as great opportunities in Tokyo for expanding your business. In order to make the right decision, let us show you each of these places.  In this way, you can be absolutely sure where your business will fit the best.

Downtown Tokyo is one of the places to start your business in Tokyo.
Tokyo has amazing places where you can start your business.


Known for innovation and youthful energy, Shibuya is one of the places where you can start your business in Tokyo! As you contemplate relocating to Japan, Shibuya beckons with its vibrant atmosphere and diverse array of opportunities. This dynamic neighborhood is a hotbed for tech startups, fashion boutiques, and creative agencies. Simply, it is an ideal launchpad for aspiring business ventures. While rental prices in Shibuya can be on the higher side due to its prime location and popularity, the investment is often worth it for the exposure and connectivity it provides. Whether you’re diving into the world of e-commerce or pioneering a new tech innovation, Shibuya is one of the options!


One of the places to start your business in Tokyo is Shinjuku. As you plan your move to Tokyo, look for professional international movers Japan who will help you to organize the process with ease. When you settle, it is time to explore Shinjuku! In Shinjuku, towering skyscrapers house corporate headquarters, financial institutions, and retail giants are creating a dynamic ecosystem for business growth. From luxury boutiques to multinational chains, the district offers a diverse range of business opportunities catering to various industries.

While rental prices in Shinjuku can be competitive, the accessibility to transportation hubs and the prestige associated with a Shinjuku address make it a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re venturing into the world of finance or retail, Shinjuku’s bustling streets and cosmopolitan atmosphere provide an ideal setting to thrive in the dynamic landscape.

Ginza is one of the places where you can start your business

Now, when we talk about Ginza as the place where you can start your business, you can find luxury and high-end clientele. In Ginza, the streets are lined with designer boutiques, flagship stores, and upscale dining establishments. It  creates an atmosphere of exclusivity and refinement. While rental prices in Ginza may be steep, the prestige associated with a presence in this iconic district is unparalleled. Whether you’re in the fashion industry, luxury retail, or haute cuisine, Ginza offers a coveted platform to showcase your business.  If you are considering the option of moving to this place, do not forget to look for some of the reliable overseas moving companies that can help you with the upcoming process! Be sure that you will finish everything in no time and settle in this charming place!

Shop with clothes.
Ginza is known as the place where the fashion grows.


Akihabara, affectionately known as Tokyo’s electric town, beckons entrepreneurs with its vibrant blend of technology and pop culture. As you explore opportunities in this dynamic district, searching for Japan commercial buildings for sale becomes an integral part of your business strategy. Akihabara’s neon-lit streets are adorned with electronics shops, gaming arcades, and anime boutiques, creating a haven for enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. Whether you’re launching a gaming café or an anime merchandise store, Akihabara offers an eclectic mix of properties to suit your needs. This place will definitely give you something new and different. The opportunities in Akihabara are endless and you should use them.


When we talk about Marunouchi, for many reasons it is one of the places for your business in Tokyo. Home to multinational corporations, law firms, and luxury hotels, Marunouchi offers unparalleled opportunities for networking and growth. With its strategic location near the Imperial Palace and top-notch amenities, Marunouchi attracts a diverse array of businesses. Different business can elevate their presence on the international stage. While rental prices may reflect the district’s prestige, the benefits of accessing a prestigious address and fostering connections within this elite business community are invaluable. No matter if you are launching a consultancy firm, legal practice, or luxury brand, Marunouchi provides a prestigious backdrop to showcase your business prowess.

Be ready for new opportunities and partnerships

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, being prepared for new opportunities and partnerships is essential for sustainable growth and success. As industries shift and trends emerge, staying adaptable and open-minded enables entrepreneurs to seize untapped potential and forge valuable connections. Whether it’s through attending industry events, networking with like-minded professionals, or actively seeking out collaborations, embracing a proactive mindset sets the stage for innovation and expansion. Also, fostering a culture of collaboration and partnership not only broadens horizons but also fosters resilience and creativity in navigating challenges.

A handshake.
Be open-minded and ready for new opportunities.

Pick some of these places in Tokyo for your business

You can see that these are the places to start your business in Tokyo. By carefully considering factors such as industry focus, target market, and budget, entrepreneurs can strategically position their businesses for success in Tokyo’s competitive market. With the right planning, resources, and mindset, seizing the opportunities available in Tokyo’s vibrant business landscape is within reach. So, take the plunge, explore the possibilities, and embark on your entrepreneurial journey in Tokyo with confidence.



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