Best family-friendly cities in Japan

When you’re moving with your family, you need to be careful while choosing a city to be your new home. You have to make sure that the city you’re moving to is appropriate for family life. Some of the things you should watch out for are good education, safety and friendliness. If you’re moving to Japan, you’re in luck. Japan is known for its low crime rates, so you have a lot of options when choosing the right city for you and your family. Before researching moving companies and cargo export, you should look into family-friendly cities in Japan. Here are some suggestions.

One of the family-friendly cities in Japan: Tokyo

If you are looking for a safe, clean and fun city to move to with your kids, Tokyo is a great option. It is Japan’s capital and the most populated city. So, if you don’t mind that it’s crowded and more expensive than other cities, look no further. This is one of Japan’s family-friendly cities, especially if you manage to find an apartment of appropriate size.

Tokyo skyline
Even though Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan, it’s among the safest metropolitan cities in the world.

Tokyo is a place like no other. It’s a mix of high-tech and traditional, and it’s a city of countless opportunities. In your free time, you can visit museums, historic temples and gardens. There are many green spaces where you can relax and enjoy nature. And while you’re getting to know the city, you can go sightseeing with your family.

When it comes to safety, Tokyo is among the safest of all metropolitan cities. Japan is also one of the world’s most educated countries, so you don’t have to worry about that. Your child can get a good education after moving to Japan.

Family-friendly activities in Tokyo

Not only is Tokyo a family-friendly Japanese city, but it also offers a lot of fun activities you can do alone or with kids.

  • Tokyo Disneyland: Every child dreams of going to Disneyland. So, you can make your kids’ dream come true and spend a fun day with Mickey and Minnie.
  • Natural Museum of Nature and Science: This is probably Tokyo’s best science museum. It’s kid-friendly and has exhibits that focus both on learning and having fun.
  • Ueno Zoo: Just like Disneyland, most kids love going to the zoo. Spend a fun, sunny day here and see all the different animals.
  • Fire Museum: The admission to this museum is free, so you can just walk in and have fun. You get to dress up as a fireman and play in fire trucks and helicopters. The lower floors are interactive, so they’re great for kids.
  • Tokyo Tower: Visit the Tokyo Tower to get a great view of this family-friendly city in Japan.

Osaka: another Japanese city that’s family-friendly

Osaka is Japan’s second-largest city and one of the safest cities in the country. People say this is the friendliest city in Japan where people are very outgoing. If you’re a foreigner, it’s easy to make friends in Osaka. Not only is this city family-friendly, but it’s also famous for good food and it’s about 30% cheaper than Tokyo. There are many shopping and nightlife options here, so you’re not missing out on all the fun. Osaka also has some famous districts: Namba, Umeda and Amemura. So, when looking for a family-friendly city in Japan, consider Osaka as one of your options. It may not be as modern as Tokyo, but it’s still worth a shot.

Osaka Castle. Osaka is one of the family-friendly cities in Japan.
Osaka is a good family-friendly city in Japan with lots of activities for you and your family.

Family-friendly activities in Osaka

  • Kids Plaza Osaka: This is a science museum with a lot of activities. Because it’s interactive, it’s very entertaining for kids.
  • Universal Studios Osaka: If your kids like amusement parks, this is a place you need to visit.
  • Nifrel: This is a new attraction that’s part zoo, part aquarium and part museum. It’s a bit pricey, but if you save some money while moving, you can afford it easier.

The third family-friendly city in Japan: Yokohama

When we’re talking about family-friendly cities in Japan, we need to mention Yokohama. Many families decide to leave Tokyo and move here. Yokohama is the second-most populated city in Japan. This is a great city to study in and accommodation is, of course, cheaper than in Tokyo.

Yokohama is a peaceful city, but bustling Tokyo is only 30 minutes away by train. On your days off, you can take your family to different museums, gardens, galleries or parks. You can visit the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, which includes shops, galleries, restaurants and even a performance center. There are kid-friendly activities here, as well:

  • Nogeyama Zoological Gardens
  • Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum
  • Tin Toy Museum

Kyoto is also a family-friendly city in Japan

Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto
Kyoto is one of the family-friendly cities in Japan and it offers great education for your kids.

This is another good city for families. It is among the most beautiful cities in the country. The city has beautiful architecture, culture and Japan’s history. Life in Kyoto is also cheaper than life in Tokyo. It’s not as urban and modern as some other cities, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good home. There are many universities in Kyoto, so your child will have different options. Kyoto University is one of the best universities in the world, so it provides a high level of education. Consider this beautiful city when looking for a family-friendly place in Japan. Whether you choose Kyoto or some other city, you will surely have a lot of fun. There are tonnes of things to do in Japan in summer.

Moving to Japan with a family

Japan is a beautiful place that is very different to any other countries. Japanese culture is pretty unique, so you should do some research before moving. Luckily for you, Japan is a very safe country, which makes it a great place for a family. All the cities have different things to offer, so you can choose your favorite one. Don’t worry if you’re searching for family-friendly cities in Japan, you will definitely be able to find them.

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