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Moving to another country is an important decision with far-reaching consequences. We know that many people (especially IT professionals) believe that there are more environmentally friendly pastures there. It’s not far from the truth. A number of countries provide better opportunities, as well as a higher standard of living. However, only some of them are immigration friendly. When it comes to relocating from Japan, you need to perform your due diligence to determine which direction offers the best opportunities. You should consider career opportunities, rewards, security and quality of life, etc. We conducted some research and came up with 10 best countries for IT professionals.

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Check our list of best countries for IT professionals and pick the one for you

Top 10 best countries for IT professionals are:

1. The USA

The birthplace of the tech giants and the headquarters of the tech industry. If you are a technical giant and you do not play in the US, then you probably play in China. Or you are not a technical giant at all. Consequently, the United States is the best choice for future immigrants, and competition is huge. There are endless opportunities for professionals in the field of entrepreneurship and career. Although recently, the US has started limiting the opportunities for foreigners. But for the IT sector, moving to the USA is still one of the best choices.

2. Canada

It is the second most popular destination after the USA. And that is, especially among IT professionals. More than a fifth of the population are foreigners. Canada has one of the highest per capita income in the world. Their IT industry is very mature and has close proximity to the US. Those two countries have similar technological ecosystems. They are convenient for immigration with rules and processes that are straightforward and easy to use. So, if you are looking for a great opportunity, hire international moving company Japan, and hit the road.

3. United Kingdom

The technical industry in the UK is similar to a living organism. It provides opportunities for IT professionals with an initial and expert level of specialized skills. Large cities can be very expensive to live in. Recently, the UK has also applied stringent measures to impede immigration. But, people who can bring some extra money to the country are always welcome. So, the UK is still one of the best countries for IT professionals.

4. Australia

It turns out that Australia is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. But the prospects for working in the IT industry are also very good. They appreciate highly qualified specialists. Procedures for permanent residence in the country are simple and easy to handle. In particular, this is one of the best options for immigration in general.

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5. France

It is a country of inventors, pioneers, and entrepreneurs. There are great prospects for IT professionals. Nevertheless, they can be very conservative when it comes to immigration. They tend to prefer people from French-speaking countries. But, they will gladly accept IT experts who can contribute to their prosperity. So, moving to France is not such a bad idea if you know a couple of things about IT.

6. Germany

With one of the lowest unemployment rates and the strongest economy in the EU, Germany is an attractive place for migrants. The German technology industry is considered one of the most innovative and fourth largest in the world. Because of their aging population, they attract highly qualified IT professionals to fill the growing gaps in skills. You do not have to learn German to work in Germany; English is the language of business.

7. Singapore

Popular as one of the most developed Asian countries. Their IT industry is developed and offers many opportunities for IT professionals. This is a very small country, and also very peaceful. In addition, there are cameras everywhere, so you should pay attention to your behavior.

8. Spain

If you want to move to Europe, then Spain offers many opportunities. They have a serious shortage of qualified and experienced IT specialists. That is why Spain is one of the best countries for IT professionals. But, unlike in Germany, you will need to learn Spanish in order to live and work there. Many IT tasks will require that you speak Spanish.

9. The Netherlands

You better learn to ride a bicycle if you are planning to move to the Netherlands because they have more bicycles than people. It is also considered one of the most wired countries in the world. Tech companies in the Netherlands are among the best in the world in their niches. Their technological superiority makes it a home for technical solutions. They are very technologically advanced and speak English. You certainly have to be very competent to swim in this pool.

10. South Africa

Despite their high crime rates, this is perhaps the most promising destination in Africa for IT professionals. The IT industry in South Africa is well developed and complex. They have the largest number of home IT companies in Africa. Most of them spread throughout the continent, Europe, and the Middle East. Despite the fact that there have been many mergers and acquisitions recently, the industry still has many opportunities for IT professionals.

How to choose among the best countries for IT professionals?

The countries from our list are the most popular ones for IT professionals. The order may not be very accurate. But if you are considering looking for greener pastures, you should explore the countries listed here to determine which ones are best suited to your interests. And how to do that?

First of all, think about the things you would like to have in your new country. Whether you would like to enjoy a warmer climate or a colder one. Or whether you want to learn a new language or not. If the closeness of your countrymen is important to you, then check our list of favorite foreign countries for Japanese people. Some of those countries are among the best countries for IT professionals. There are plenty of things you need to pay attention to. But, whatever you choose, just make sure that you like it in your new country.

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