Best cities to live in Japan

Fancy moving to Japan? Is your employer switching an office and now you need to move here? Japan is a beautiful country, with its unique culture, people, and history. However, to a foreigner, it may seem scary. Your feelings may worsen if you have a task of finding the city where you will live in yourself. This is why in this article, we take a look at the best cities to live in Japan for you! Read through our list and make your pick!

Best cities to live in Japan – Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the best cities to live in Japan.
Tokyo is one of the best cities to live in Japan.

If you are a kind of person who loves living in the big cities, then Tokyo might be one of the best cities to live in Japan for you. In the biggest city of Japan, you can live the city life of your dreams. With the population of around 9 million, you can imagine how busy the nightlife is. There are many restaurants and bars, and they stay late quite often.

Tokyo may be the political city of Japan, but it’s not only that. Fashion and economics centers also call Tokyo their home. One of the best cities to live in Japan also mixes modern technology with tradition, making living here a unique experience.

However, Tokyo is an expensive city. The food cost is really high, and rent is really expensive, as well. Tokyo is actually considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. On the other hand, Tokyo offers more opportunities for work if you’re moving internationally. If you are looking for a job in show business, know that in recent years it was an up-and-coming sector.

Best cities to live in Japan – Yokohama

The second city on our list of best cities to live in Japan is Yokohama. It is the second most populous city after Tokyo – around 3.6 million people live here. Unlike Tokyo, it is for those who enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. You can enjoy many of the open spaces in the city. It’s also in the Tokyo area, which is an added bonus. Tokyo is only a 30-minute train ride away. This is why many families decide on domestic moving and thus move from Tokyo suburbs to Yokohama.

If you decide to move here, make sure you check out Minatomirai. The “future harbor,” as they call it, is a home to a giant Ferris wheel. If you enjoy modern architecture then you’re in luck! You can find many beautiful buildings here, as well!

The city isn’t different from Tokyo when it comes to the style of living. It’s cheaper, as well. The cost of living is the staggering 30% lower! It’s also more spaced out – you won’t feel so cramped. There are wider streets and many open spaces to enjoy. It’s proximity to the sea is also what makes Yokohama one of the best cities to live in Japan.

Best cities to live in Japan – Osaka

Osaka is famous for its food.
Osaka is famous for its food.

Osaka is the third city in Japan when you consider the size of it. There are around 2.5 million people living here. They also say that the easiest going people live in Osaka. Amongst them are many of the Japanese comedians, too!

If you ask people about Osaka, they might not only talk about how easy going they are. They will also mention the amazing food you can have here. Most famous of those are okonomiyaki and takoyaki. If you are a food lover, you should also pay Dotonbori area a visit. Here you can find hundreds of eateries and restaurants.

What makes Osaka one of the best cities to live in Japan is its proximity to the three big regions of Japan. These are Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe.

Best cities to live in Japan – Kyoto

Kyoto mixes traditional and modern.
Kyoto mixes traditional and modern.

Kyoto is completely different from the other best cities to live in Japan that we have talked about above. What makes Kyoto unique is that it brings the history of Japan and the air of the old with the technology and architecture of the modern day. Here, you can find many world heritage sites, as well.

Many tourists come to Kyoto, however, they are not the only one. There are also many universities here, including the Kyoto University. Kyoto University is one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. The population of Kyoto is mostly young college-age people. If you re a student looking for a new home, then Kyoto may be just the right place for you.

Best cities to live in Japan – Sapporo

Sapporo is in one of the northernmost prefectures of Japan – the Hokkaido region. If you enjoy the colder weather, then this city might be one of the best cities to live in Japan for you. If you can’t stand the heat, you’ll be happy to know that milder summers are waiting for you here. And during the winter, you will find some of the best ski resorts in Japan, and in the whole world.

The region is also famous for its miso ramen and its fresh seafood. Not only that, but you can also travel to the other cities in the Hokkaido region. If you like traveling, we recommend visiting Otaru, Hakodate, and Asahikawa. And for those who love winter, Wakkanai is the must-go spot for you!

Finally, Sapporo is a really good place for you to live in if you want to study Japanese. Even though it is in the north part of the country, and further from the center, people living here don’t have a strong Japanese accent. This is why you can still learn Japanese well, and it ensures easy communication.


This was our list of the best cities to live in Japan. We tried to include a city to fit every taste, and hopefully, this was helpful in making your mind. Don’t forget to get a professional moving help, like Kokusai Express Japan. A reliable moving company can make your move as easy and as stressful as it can be. This is why deciding on the right one should be one of your first steps.

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