Benefits of short term storage rentals in Japan

Lack of storage space in your home is always a problem. If you are moving to Japan, then you must know that the island is quite small compared to its population. Space is generally a huge problem in Japan. Apartments are small compared to Western ones. If you happen to move from the United States where people are all about huge homes and apartments, you might have trouble fitting all your items in a Japanese apartment. For this reason, you can rent a storage unit. Here are all the benefits of short-term storage rentals in Japan.  

The difference between long-term and short-term storage rentals in Japan 

There are two types of storage rentals. One is short-term and the other is long-term. You can already guess the main difference between these two types. Of course, it is the rental time period. The second difference is the price. Long-term storage is cheaper than the short-term when taking one month of rent into consideration. However, you do not have to pay short-term storage for an entire year like long-term. In addition to this, there are many reasons why people rent a storage unit. They can include the following. 

  • You need more storage space in your home 
  • During your move 
  • For cargo export 
  • If you have too many pieces of seasonal clothing 
  • For business purposes  
  • Remodeling your home 
  • Having guests over 
people filling their pots with water
Having friends over is a good reason to free up space in your home

When you are moving to a new address 

The best time to use short-term storage is when you are moving. For example, let’s imagine this scenario. You need to move out of your current home by a certain date. However, your new home is not move-in ready by that same date. What will you do with your moving boxes and furniture? You need to find a place to store them. This is the situation when you need to rent short-term storage. Otherwise, your items will be left on the street. They will not, but you can see the point. In addition to this, let’s say you want to slowly decorate your new home. Having dozens of moving boxes making a mess out of your new home is not the best solution. For this reason, you rent a storage unit and gradually start decorating your new place.  

Safety as one of the pros of short-term storage rentals in Japan 

Your items should be safe in a place where you store them. Short-term storage rentals are perfect for this occasion. However, you should make sure your items are safe by picking the right storage facility. This means the following. The storage facility should have gates, surveillance, and security guard. In addition to this, you should be the only one who has the key to your storage unit. Since most people in Japan rent an apartment, especially people living in Tokyo for example, they do not have a basement or garage. For this reason, you cannot store your belongings in these rooms. The only option is renting a storage unit. In any case, a storage unit is safer than your basement or garage. You can rent a climate-controlled unit where you can control the temperature and humidity in your unit. This is perfect for fragile items. 

aerial photo of Tokyo
Due to high density, living in Tokyo means having limited living space

You can reduce clutter in your home 

If you want to declutter your home, you should rent a short-term storage unit. There are several reasons. First, you need time to clean your home. Second, you cannot clean your house properly if your items are making a mess. Thirdly, it is difficult to say goodbye to your items since you became emotionally attached. That is why you need a place where you can store your items. Clean the house properly. Then, see where you can place your items or if you really need them in your home. In addition to this, you might want to renovate your home. Again, you need a place where you can put your items. Since you are renovating, you will probably paint your walls. If you do not move your items out of the room, you can easily get paint on them as well. 

Other benefits of short-term storage rentals in Japan and forbidden items 

There are other benefits from those mentioned above. For example, you have guests over. If you are living in a small apartment, there will not be space for their things as well. Instead of making a mess in your home, rent a storage unit. You can leave your items in a unit while your guests are visiting. A perfect way to relieve stress. Next, maybe you need to ship your items out of the country. You can store your items in a unit for a couple of days until you find a suitable shipping company. In addition to this, you should read about items you should not store in a short-term unit. Items such as books, clothes, appliances, furniture, are perfect for short-term storage rentals. However, hazardous items are prohibited. These include perishable food, fireworks, paint, explosives, and anything else that is either toxic or flammable.  

people holding fire crackers
Even though firecrackers are pretty, you cannot keep them in your storage

How to organize your unit? 

Even though you will use the unit for a short period of time, you should still organize it properly. First, you should label your boxes. This will make your life so much better. Then, leave a path in the middle of the unit clean. You can access your items easier this way. Next, place heavy boxes at the bottom, then the lighter on the top. Don’t do it the other way around as your lighter boxes can break under the weight of heavy ones. Next, disassemble furniture to save space. Do not waste money on renting a large unit when you can save space. Lastly, put important items that you use more frequently at the beginning of your unit.  

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