Benefits of micro-apartments in Japan

When moving internationally, one of the biggest problems is adjusting to the new environment. When it comes to Japan, there are plenty of things you need to get used to. Since it is not such a big country, but it still has over 120 million people, it can sometimes get crowded. So, they came up with a solution – small apartments. That way they can have enough space for all of them and without overcrowding the cities. That concept is spreading all over the modern world. But, what is so special about those micro-apartments in Japan?

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Why do would people live in micro-apartments in Japan – that it the question here.

When did the micro-apartments in Japan appear?

Even though Japan has not always been so densely populated, micro-apartments are not a very recent thing, as you might think. Some architects claim that kyosho jutaku, Japanese micro-home, has been popular since the thirteenth century. The person responsible for that is Kamo no Chomei. He was the poet, who wrote a short essay about living in a shack, called Hojoki (An Account of My Hut).

The period when micro-apartments in Japan became popular was in the 1990s. That was the time when the population of Japan started growing rapidly. Consequently, they had to find a way to make a room for all those people. And micro-apartments were just what they needed.

In the last couple of years, micro-apartments became popular in many other countries. People who live in them are usually college students or recent graduates, who do not have much disposable income. It is not practical for raising a family but can be very useful for single people. So, if you are living alone, consider renting a micro-apartment in Japan.

What do micro-apartments in Japan look like?

These mini apartments average about 300 square feet, but they can also be only 50! Micro-apartments overlook a traditional one-bedroom apartment to a new level (or a lower level). To put a bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen in such a tiny area is not a small feat. You need to be very creative in order to effectively use the floor plan. Some of them are equipped with communal bathrooms and kitchens similar to dormitories. What is even more interesting is that this building usually uses high-quality appliances and fixtures with property managers selling affordable luxury.

Micro-apartments in Japan
There is not much room in micro-apartments in Japan

There are some basic designs that people in Japan use for their micro-apartments. For example, the kitchen is usually in the hallway. Then, they put the washing machine in the main room. In that room are also places to sit. But, keep in mind that you cannot invite a lot of people in your micro-apartment. It is usually enough for inviting a couple of friends for a drink. Then, the toilets are very small, and there is not a bathtub, just a shower. Believe it or not, micro-apartments in Japan often have two floors! And the second floor is a great place to put a bed. Check our home improvement ideas, maybe you can use some of them to make micro-apartment a cozy place to live.

What are the good things about micro-apartments in Japan?

Living in such a small place can be difficult, especially if you used to live in a big house. There is not enough room for all your stuff, you cannot invite more than three people, and you cannot move much. But, there are some benefits of micro-apartments in Japan, such as:

1. Cheap rent

That can be pretty useful. Imagine that you are moving to a big city, for example, Tokyo. Domestic moving made easy by a moving company is now behind you. And just when you get there, you realize that you do not have much money. As we all know, Tokyo is a very expensive city, so it is difficult to find some affordable place to live. Fortunately, there are micro-apartments. Since they have a smaller area, that means the rent is also lower. That way, you could live near the city center for a very reasonable price.

2. Cleaning is much easier

When you have a lot of huge rooms, it can be really stressful to clean the whole place. And you clean it rarely, especially if you do not have much time. But, with micro-apartments in Japan, that is not the case. Cleaning such an apartment takes much less time, and therefore it is much easier. You will clean it more often, and more thoroughly. After all, you already have very little space, you do not need dirt to use it.

3. Saving money

Yes, we know we have already mentioned cheap rents. But, we are not talking about that. When you have a small apartment, there is a very limited space for your belongings. Therefore, you will stop buying unnecessary things, since you have nowhere to put them. You will buy only the things that you actually need. So, next time you see a beautiful pair of shoes, you will think twice. If you buy them, then you will have to get rid of the old ones that you really love. There is not enough room for both of them.

4. You have an excuse for being unsociable

That can sound stupid. But, think about it. You must have been in a situation when your friends wanted to come over, but you did not feel like talking. Now you have a perfect excuse. “I would like to invite you over, but, you know, my apartment is too small, it will be uncomfortable.”. Moreover, you can use that more than once!

Are micro-apartments in Japan really for you?

Well, this is something you need to figure out yourself. Can you imagine living in a small apartment without much luxury? Having only the basic things? Not spending much time in your flat? If the answer is yes, think no more. Hire Kokusai Express, move to Japan, and get yourself one of the micro-apartments in Japan.

Micro-apartments in Japan - pros and cons
Weigh the pros and cons of micro-apartments in Japan before making a decision

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