Avoid international shipping scams

Business is always full of risks and rewards. Sometimes, you’re trying to create the best marketing strategy for a new product. At other times, you’re wondering which venue to invest in. And then, there is always the tricky deal making choice. So, where should fraudulent schemes regarding cargo transportation be sorted? Well, they connect a bit to each of these which we’ve mentioned. So, how does a budding entrepreneur in Japan learn to avoid international shipping scams? First, it’s essential that you’re employing the right international freight forwarders in Japan. So, naturally, choosing the right Japanese transportation company should be at the top of your list. Here are some ways to make this process easier for you…

If you want to avoid international shipping scams in Japan, start by Googling

A good way to avoid international shipping scams in Japan is by being thorough when looking them up.
If you want to avoid international shipping scams in Japan, start by a thorough search online…

This is going to be the first and easiest step for any research you do. So, when you’re looking to check if a certain Japanese company is fraudulent or not, what should you look for? Well, first, you should look at the website of the organization. Do they have their own page? Or, are they merely active on a Facebook profile? In Japan, international air freight forwarders with a good reputation will usually have both. Though, there are some smaller companies which won’t have their own sites. So, how should you avoid international shipping scams in Japan by Googling? See if the company has an address listed. Also, it’s a good idea to check their reviews off-site. So, call their number and ask for a few references. Legitimate moving service companies in Japan will have no trouble offering a couple of names and numbers.

And, after you’ve done this, we’d advise that you channel your inner Sherlock Holmes. It’s time to look deeper. In order to find out if a Japanese international shipping company is fraudulent, you ought to look at their track record. Have they had their license revoked? Have they had any incidents written about online? Are they the topic of numerous negative comments? Of course, keep in mind that this company is composed of living and breathing humans. There will always be one or two negative reviews. However, more than that should have you considering another option.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s easy to tell if a company is fraudulent in Japan by reading reviews

If there’s one way to find a ‘bad nut’ it’s by listening to others. The Internet has influenced Japan quite a bit in the last few decades. Hence, these days, there won’t be a person scammed by a company who won’t leave a warning online about it. There are a few websites you could check out. We’ve picked out the Japan Company Trust Organization, one of the most infamous anti-fraud organizations, as the one to direct you to. It’s easy to look up a company’s validity on this website. And, if you can’t find it, try submitting a request about it and they will get back to you quickly. Finally, we’d also advise that you look at different social media pages and even YouTube for negative comments about the company.

Instead of BBB, try searching NCAC for your international shipping company’s rating

You're sure to find a good international freight forwarders if you look at their online rating.
A good company in Japan will have great rating online, too.

It’s well known in Japan that loyalty is among the most valued things. Reputation and great customer service are among the key selling points for any company. So, it’s only natural that word-of-mouth is the best way to learn about a potential international shipping provider. But, how should one check this company when looking to avoid international shipping scams? You may be used to surfing the Better Business Bureau for all the answers. In Japan, though, NCAC is the website to type in. It will give you all the needed information without any trouble.

In order to avoid international shipping scams in Japan, don’t base it all on the price

Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world. So, naturally, if you’re just starting your business, you’ll worry about the expenses. But, should you base your choice of domestic movers in Japan for your cargo on price alone? We agree that you shouldn’t! So, here’s what we suggest that you do. Start from having at least three possible companies which could transport your cargo. And then, in order to avoid international shipping scams, narrow the choices down through careful selection. Be sure that you know everything there is about the company in question. If they’re offering you a price too good to be true, it most likely is a scam.

Good freight forwarding companies in Japan should have experience

If you’ve already gone through all the steps we’ve mentioned, you should have about three possible companies now. How do you narrow the choice even more? Well, any international shipping company which has a good reputation in Japan is usually going to have a long history. It is a tradition for the business to stay in the family. So, look for a company with plenty of years of work under their belt. They may be a family business, or not, but they should have at least over five years of successful business done.

Finally, check that you’re actually communicating with the company employee

If you don't want to be scammed by a shipping company in Japan, make sure that your contact person works for them.
Finally, make sure that your contact person is actually from the international freight forwarding company you’ve chosen.

It’s fairly easy to find a number listed online and ring it, right? So, how should you know if this is the person actually from that company who is talking to you? Be extra vigilant! In most cases, international shipping scams in Japan are conducted through this loophole. Sales agents will be fraudulent and give you false information. And, after you’ve shipped your cargo, you’ll realize that you haven’t been working with a company employee at all. To avoid international shipping scams of this kind in Japan, we advise checking everything twice. See if there are multiple company numbers listed online. Do your own bit of research, even when employing a sales agent. Always check, either online or with the HR, if you’re talking to an employee of the company. Finally, never stop trying to spot a scam.

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