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Japan inland relocation guide

October 10, 2017.
Make sure that your Japan inland relocation goes smoohtly by accounting for everything.

It is good to know that you are enjoying life in Japan. And the fact that you are interested in moving to a different city is quite adventurous. Even though we are speaking of an island nation, Japan has quite the territory. And moving to different parts of it requires help from a professional Japan…

Get intel on all movers in your area and make a checklist.

However much we would like to think that the world is perfect, it is not. Frauds and dishonorable business exist and happen frequently. Somewhere more somewhere less, but they exist nonetheless. There are plenty of factors that influence such figures - size of the market, service demand etc. Japan being the epicenter of modern business…

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Short distance relocation in Japan is a  faster way of moving than moving long distance. While moving short distance may tempt you into handling the move on your own, it’s smarter to work with professionals. Hiring domestic moving services Kokusai Express Japan is the best solution for your short distance relocation. (more…)

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Relocation to Japan can be very stressful when you are moving with kids. But if you do it right it can be fun and beautiful new beginning. When you are moving with kids to Japan be sure to include your children in the process. So, they know it is an exciting time for the whole…

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Moving with pets to Japan is all about preparing well in advance. You need to understand the import requirements to avoid delays and complications. The process of moving with pets to Japan is in gathering the correct paperwork (health certificates, rabies certificates, etc.), choosing an airline-approved travel crate. Also, helping your pet to acclimate to…

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When it comes to moving to another country, there is no cultural shock quite like relocation to Japan. There are many reasons to move to Japan. Expats from far and wide want to travel to this exotic country. Many of them want to move and have a new home in this traditional country. But, Japan…

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