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Moving from Europe to Japan

When you are moving from Europe to Japan, you need a guide how to do it. Japan is a totally different country than any country in Europe. If you are ready for this great change, you should be prepared for a cultural shock, different people, jobs, laws, and lifestyle. So, to help you get moving…

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Forbidden customs clearance items

If you are moving to Japan or you are shipping household goods to Japan. you need to know more about forbidden customs clearance items. There is a list of prohibited goods in Japan like in any other country. Japanese customs have many rules for customs clearance and prohibited and restricted items. Anyone who wants to import…

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small package international shipping

Small package international shipping can be so much easier than you might think. The task of shipping a small package internationally is all about understanding the associated rules, regulations, and risks. With Kokusai Japan, you can ship and transport whatever you want, from small packages to heavy lift cargo. We provide all services for small…

Relocation is a grand venture, and storage is just one of the tools you are presented with to help you.

So you have your mind set on relocating to the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, Kokusai Express fully supports and welcomes your decision. Not only that, but we will offer whatever assistance we can to make your relocation as smooth as possible. Now, most foreigners fail to fully comprehend what it means to move…

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7-step Japan packing program

October 15, 2017.
Make your relocation fly by with the help of this Japan packing program.

Everyone has trouble packing and that is a fact. No matter if you're packing for work, holiday or simply tidying up around your home, it's the same. And then you have packing for relocation - the most demanding type. The simple reason being that you are never aware of the amount of stuff you have…

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Japan inland relocation guide

October 10, 2017.
Make sure that your Japan inland relocation goes smoohtly by accounting for everything.

It is good to know that you are enjoying life in Japan. And the fact that you are interested in moving to a different city is quite adventurous. Even though we are speaking of an island nation, Japan has quite the territory. And moving to different parts of it requires help from a professional Japan…

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