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Japan Airlines representing air transportation in Japan

Air transportation in Japan stands as a key element in the country's comprehensive travel network. For both travelers and residents, understanding its benefits and drawbacks is crucial for making informed travel decisions. Japan's air travel industry is renowned for its efficiency and advanced technology, offering quick connections across the nation and to remote areas. However,…

Two people holding a miniature house

Buying your first home in Japan as a foreigner can seem like a daunting task. You may face language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliar legal processes. But don't worry, as Kokusai Express is here to help you. We'll walk you through the essential steps, from understanding the local property market to securing financing. You'll also…

A couple moving with pets

Moving to a new country is already a big undertaking, but moving with pets adds another layer of complexity. Japan, in particular, has stringent pet import regulations that you must adhere to. Why is this so crucial? Simply put, failing to comply with these rules could mean prolonged quarantine for your pet or, worse, deportation.…

White and teal castle

Relocating to a new country comes with its fair share of challenges, and moving to Japan is no exception. While the anticipation of experiencing the rich culture and scenic landscapes of Japan is exhilarating, it is essential to navigate this transition with a well-prepared plan to alleviate potential stress. This involves gathering a deep understanding…

Moving from Europe to Japan

When you are moving from Europe to Japan, you need a guide how to do it. Japan is a totally different country than any country in Europe. If you are ready for this great change, you should be prepared for a cultural shock, different people, jobs, laws, and lifestyle. So, to help you get moving…

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Forbidden customs clearance items

If you are moving to Japan or you are shipping household goods to Japan. you need to know more about forbidden customs clearance items. There is a list of prohibited goods in Japan like in any other country. Japanese customs have many rules for customs clearance and prohibited and restricted items. Anyone who wants to import…

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