Animal transport to Japan: rules and regulations

Moving to another part of the world is all about following the rules and good preparations. So, after you decide to move overseas, be ready to put a lot of your energy. Moving with your pets can require going the extra mile. Want to move with your pet to Japan? This type of moving to Japan means you are required to obey many documents and follow many rules. And these pet import requirements are published by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan. The good thing is that Land of the Rising Sun is a pet-friendly county. Japan welcomes dogs and cats from all over the world. Still, this can be a complex process since Japan is a rabies-free country. If you are planning animal transport to Japan, keep reading. Luckily, this short article will help you facilitate the process. Therefore, this way you will avoid complications.

Get ready for animal transport to Japan

To help you prepare for moving internationally with your pet, we will remind you of important rules and regulations for this case. So, remember the most important thing- dogs and cats of all breeds must be identified by an ISO 11784/11785 microchip. In case your pet’s microchip is not compliant with this standard, you should bring your own microchip scanner. Also, you should contact the Animal Quarantine Service at the port of entry. This way you will be sure there will be no complications and problems with your pet microchip.

Steps to take before animal transport to Japan
You will need to take important steps before animal transport to Japan

Although you have to prepare your documents, visas and do many tasks before hiring moving services Japan, don’t forget to obey the Import Permit for your pet. How to get Import Permission? Well, you will need to file an Advanced Notification Form and you have to do this at least 40 days before the import with Animal Quarantine Service. After processing your requirement, if there are available facilities you will get permission for bringing animals to Japan. Don’t get surprised if you are requested to change the place or date of import. This depends on the availability of quarantine facilities. This Approval of Import is crucial for the import inspection.

Rules and regulations about vaccinations before pet transport to Japan

Do you know what is the next step after microchip insertion? Your beloved pet needs to get a vaccine against rabies. In addition, your pet needs to have at least 2 rabies given after the microchip is implanted. The first vaccine is recommendable when your pet is at least 91 days old. The second rabies vaccine comes a month after the first one. Coming to Japan from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Iceland, Hawaii, or Guam? In this case, your pet would not have to get a vaccine against rabies.

A vaccine for your pet
Remember your pet need to get a vaccine against rabies.

Other important rules for moving to Japan with a pet

Make sure to do the next things:

  • get a Health Certificate for your pet at least 10 days before moving with our overseas movers;
  • do not skip the Blood Titer test;
  • prepare your pet for quarantine during animal transport to Japan;

Hope you will finish all the needed steps before animal transport to Japan. Wish you a seamless move with your pet to the Land of the Rising Sun!


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