Airline shipping from China

When doing an international shipping, there are usually two ways you can go. You can opt for sea freight forwarders, or you can decide on the air freight forwarders. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages, and you can use both in different circumstances. For example, sea freight is often cheaper but takes more time than the air shipping. However, if you have already made your decision and are looking exclusively into airline shipping from China, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of shipping your goods from China by air.

Types of airline shipping from China

Depending on the size of the package you are shipping, there are multiple ways in which you can go. It is not a good idea to ship smaller packages – like small appliances, for example – by freight shipping. Postal is a better fit here. On the other hand, larger goods are better shipped as freight.

When to use regular and express post

Choose the regular mail for smaller packages.
Choose the regular mail for smaller packages.

The main thing to consider when deciding whether to use the regular post services or for freight shipping when running an airline shipping from China is the size of the package. If you are dealing with light and small products, then using regular or express post might be your best bet. These are usually the packages that weight under 150kg.

There are several options to choose from when sending your package through regular China post:

  • Air Mail/SAL or Surface mail – use this option for small parcel airline shipping from China,
  • Air Parcel, SAL or Surface mail are also a great choice for large packages and
  • EMS/China International Express and EUB priority systems are for the other types of packages.

Remember, using the regular China post may be the cheapest option, but sometimes you will have to wait a long time for your package to arrive. If you want to cut that waiting period, you can opt for express post. This type of shipping takes less time, but it’s a bit more expensive. The rule of the thumb is that a kilo of the items is usually $5. However, this varies based on the company you are shipping your package with. Some companies even make exceptions for their members and charge extra for those who are not.

Always research your options well before deciding on one shipping method. The more you know about various options available to you – the less money you will have to pay.

When to use airline shipping from China

On the other hand, when doing airline shipping from China for packages between 150kg and 500kg, go for air freight shipping. The price here averages around $3 per kilo. This may seem cheaper than the express China post, but remember that you usually need a large package when using air freight forwarding.

However, you can use international air freight forwarders to ship smaller packages too. Keep in mind that in this case, forwarding companies will charge based on the size of the package rather than the weight. Simply put, they will charge you for the place your items will take in their cargo. For example, pool noodles are light, but they take a lot of space – thus you might pay more for them than you’d have to pay for a heavier item.

In conclusion, airline shipping from China is the fastest way of shipping packages, but may not be the cheapest one. If you are in need of money, you might want to opt for ocean freight forwarding instead.

Why airline shipping from China can sometimes take time

Airline shipping from China can sometimes take time.
Airline shipping from China can sometimes take time.

Even though it’s often the fastest, airline shipping from China can sometimes take some time. Depending on the country you live in, it can take up to ten days or two weeks for your package to arrive. Of course, this is not because it takes the plane ten days to get to your country. Instead, the freight goes through an extensive process in order to travel. There are various laws, both national and international, that forbid some items from traveling by air. You can’t use airline shipping from China to ship gases, flammable materials, toxic or corrosive items, as well as magnetic substances.

First, the items need to go through the customs in China. After that, they are placed with other items to be shipped together. Then they wait until the cargo space opens up on a plane. And finally, the items need to go through the same customs process in the destination country. This process is why it can often take a week or two for a package to arrive from the day it was shipped.

What do you ship using airline shipping from China?

Use air freight forwarders to ship jewelry.
Use air freight forwarders to ship jewelry.

As was already mentioned, it is best to use air freight to send packages of lower volume and high value. However, because of many restrictions on what you can ship, there are certain items that are better for air freight than the others. The best items to be shipped by air freight forwarders are:

  • plastic products,
  • jewelry and wristwatches,
  • electronics and
  • product samples.

Air freight shipping is usually the best for smaller start-up companies that need to send their goods as soon as possible. It’s also great for the bigger companies who can afford the costs.

You can also use it if you need your goods to arrive urgently. For example, if you are running a clothing store, you will want your items to get to you as soon as possible. If there are delays, or you use ocean freight forwarding, you can get them at the end of the season, which is bad for business.


In conclusion, there are many ways to handle airline shipping from China. Depending on the size of the package and the time you need it, you can opt for either mail and air freight. After that, you can make your pick from a variety of options provided by different companies. Remember to inform yourself well in order to make the best decision for yourself!

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