Air cargo rules and restrictions to consider

Have you decided to move from Japan overseas? Moving is something that’s supposed to be fun and exciting. On the other side, if it’s not planned well enough, it can turn out to be time and energy-consuming. Additionally, make a precise timeline of events happening prior to the move. Make sure to invest a lot of time into it. Many people overlook this step thinking it’s not that big of a deal but little did they know, it can save a lot of resources. If you are flying by plane, there is air cargo rules and restrictions you should consider before you board on plane. If not, you could get yourself in trouble. Buckle up, because we are going to share a few things you should look out for!

people making a list of air cargo rules and restrictions
It’s important to make a plan and check air cargo rules and restrictions.

Make a plan and consider the cost of everything

Making a plan and informing yourself is really important when it comes to air freight. Whatever your reason for sending something by airplane is, don’t forget to check out conditions and rules in advance. If you choose this way of transportation, it’s going to come with an increased price. For instance, this is one of the main reasons people give up on this solution. Therefore, make sure to check out all possibilities and all the professional movers who can do this for you. There are some companies that overcharge their services so keep an eye on that.

Prepare yourself for paying extra

Whatever you decide to ship, the air company will most likely charge fees. For example, cargo export Japan is complicated since it has its own air cargo rules and restrictions. Not to mention that if you are relocating internationally, it can cost much more. That’s why we insisted on making the plan in the first place. Set the budget limit and try not to go over it.

What cargo are you transporting?

It’s important what are you going to send since rules are very strict when it comes to air transportation. The bulkiness of your belongings can determine the price. The heavier the item is, the higher price. Also, there is a possibility that an air company might transport your cargo along with others, which might result in a lower price but you will have to pack and prepare it so they can just load it into the plane.

It’s a good option to consider another way of transportation since sending something via an air company can cost quite a lot. Try searching and asking for overseas moving companies and you might find a much more reasonable price for your possessions.

air cargo
Urgent transportation comes at a higher price.

Urgent and high-value items

Another thing to consider is urgent and high-value items transportation. In both of these cases, air companies will charge you more for it. Don’t forget to pack them well as well as to get insurance for those items! Also, make sure to research customs. On the other hand, picture this. You have to move quickly because of the new job. If you require urgent moving services by an air company, they are going to charge you more for it.

What are the standard rules and restrictions?

When you are packing for air transportation, you need to consider air cargo rules and restrictions. Of course, every company has different regulations but there is a standardized list of things that they do not transport at all due to safety reasons. You will need to put your luggage and possessions through the x-ray scanner which will tell the customs what do you have in your bags. If they suspect something, they might take it in for further investigation. We always recommend informing yourself and checking what items you should avoid before you go to the airport.

Hazardous things

There are some items that require certain atmospheric conditions. In most cases, they are antiques or made of special materials. It’s nothing to worry about, you can still take them with you but you are obligated to inform the air company about it. You must warn them if your possession needs special conditions during transportation. It’s likely that it will cost more if you have such items. On the other hand, if you are transporting something hazardous, you need to find an air company that will accept it. There are certain ones that won’t accept those belongings because of the plane and passenger’s safety.

Dangerous objects you should not bring with yourself

As you probably already know, air companies’ top priority is the safety of their passengers and they are going to do a good investigation of your belongings to make sure you are not bringing anything dangerous. Also, there is a possibility that they are not even going to accept to transport your belongings if it’s on their list of dangerous items.

airplane in the sky
There are certain items that no air company will let you bring.


At some airports, they don’t even let you bring a bottle of water on the airplane due to safety reasons. There are liquids that you won’t be able to transport under any circumstances. For example, aerosols, acids, ethanol, and pesticides are the most common ones. Not only that they can damage cargo if they leak, but they can release potentially dangerous gases.

Flammable objects and batteries

These ones are pretty self-explanatory. No air company will ever let you bring something flammable. The perfect example of this is gasoline and oil. Not only that you can’t bring them in your cargo, but they won’t let you bring them in personal baggage as well. On the other hand, a car battery is one of the things you won’t be able to transport. The reason behind this is because that battery contains chemicals that could be dangerous if leakage occurs These were some of the air cargo rules and restrictions you need to consider before you move. Every air company has its own list of prohibited items so make sure to check it out prior.


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