Affordable inland haulage companies in Japan

In plenty occasions, inland haulage is a great idea. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving goods for your business or transporting the contents of your garage. In most occasions, however, it is used for transporting a shipment from your vendor to the desired port. If you don’t have your own vehicle for this, or the cargo is too large, the best way to go is by employing a company to do it for you. You will especially have a number of affordable inland haulage companies in Japan to choose from. But, here is where the dilemma starts. Which is an actually good domestic mover in Japan? And, how do we get to that affordable price…

What will inland haulage companies in Japan ship for you?

If you’ve been reading our blog, then you’re already familiar with moving house in Japan. It is a process of a large amount of haggling and a little bit less of packing. However, inland haulage companies’ deals tend to be a bit different. While the contents of a home are rather similar, no matter where you live, goods are vastly different. Hence, you may have to widen your search for affordable inland haulage companies in Japan before narrowing it down. Be sure to ask a representative on the phone or in person all of your questions. Be honest with them, and you are certain to have little to no damage to the cargo. Here are some questions about your goods which should definitely be asked:

Are there any hazardous items you won’t ship which I should be aware of?

Just like with international freight forwarding in Japan, there are certain items which can be troublesome in transit. Since you’re looking at multiple affordable inland haulage companies in Japan you ought to ask the representative personally about this. From business to business, the list could greatly differ.

Is there a possibility of shipping frozen goods via this inland haulage company?

If you know the questions to ask, finding a reputable inland haulage company in Japan is easy.
Ask the representative plenty of questions before booking a service with an inland haulage company in Japan.

Most companies in Japan will have this option. Though, if you ask for pre-cooling of your container, they may tell you that it’s a service they don’t provide. Why? Because unless you are loading on the same temperature, it would be a waste of time. The drastic change in the surroundings of the goods could also damage them.

Can your company provide food grade vans for inland haulage in Japan?

This service may differ from company to company. It is always a good thing to ask. If your business is in the food industry, for example. You’re probably looking for affordable inland haulage companies in Japan for a long-term arrangement? Even if the company doesn’t have the service on an occasional basis, most inland haulage companies in Japan would be happy to work out an arrangement.

Does your company supply me with containers for my cargo and what are the extra fees?

It is always good to get a package deal. Like we’ve already mentioned above, there is a certain similarity with the moving house business in this aspect. Most international movers Japan will be delighted to give you a package deal for your relocation. This is usually the same with inland haulage. Don’t give in to the first price, however. Try and lower the costs with a long-term arrangement.

Can your inland haulage company in Japan transport my personal or private belongings?

This question might be a bit of trouble. While affordable inland haulage companies in Japan will sometimes ship personal belongings, they don’t prefer it. There are simply one too many hassles regarding the transport itself. Though, be sure to ask, as some companies will offer this service in Japan.

Can I monitor my cargo during the transport?

Most inland haulage companies in Japan will allow this. Usually, you can either monitor your cargo’s location online or get the information from an operator. However, if it isn’t a possibility, you can always invest in a GPS tracker.

What are the size or weight limits when shipping cargo with your company?

If you’re having trouble with overly large and heavy items, you may be in the wrong lane. Take a look at the heavy lift cargo services in Japan which are available. The rule of the thumb goes: if you’re not shipping a plane, you will be able to use inland haulage.

How do you know which are good and affordable inland haulage companies in Japan?

Knowing what to ask the representative regarding your goods is great. However, how do you know that these affordable inland haulage companies in Japan are actually reputable? While checking their licenses and reviews on the website will get you partway there, we have a few suggestions…

When using a cheap inland haulage company in Japan, how do you transport your goods?
Do you know which is the best way to ship your goods?

A reputable inland haulage company will offer you a variety of options

Yet another similarity with the moving house industry is obvious here. Movers offer different packaging or services in order to bring their prices up. A haulage company will, similar to this, offer different modes of transportation. Depending on the nature of your cargo, you may want to ship it by rail. On the other hand, if it’s of delicate nature temperature-wise, like food, a truck may be a better idea. Finally, some companies will even offer partial shipping by barges.

If they’re a good Japanese company, they will value punctuality

Everything will be on time. This is the common Japanese way. Hence, when checking reviews, see if they mention this. It doesn’t matter what your business is, surely you’ll want your cargo on time? Then, you will definitely need to double check that the inland haulage company you’ve chosen is punctual.

References will tell you a lot about the affordable inland haulage companies in Japan which you are considering.
Take a look at the references of the affordable inland haulage companies in Japan in order to get a clear picture of their business…

A good haulage company in Japan will have no trouble offering references

When you’re talking on the phone with the representative, ask for a reference. Their other, former or current, clients should be able to tell you what kind of service to expect. Further, you can ask them if there is something which they didn’t like about the company. To see what kind of relationship the customers have with the service, ask the representative the same question. They should be able to tell you honestly what kind of answer you will get from their reference.

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