Advice on shipping iPhone overseas

We live in a time where shipping anything overseas is a normal thing. So, why would shipping iPhone overseas be a problem? It is not! Luckily enough, everything can be done quickly, safely and without lots of money. You just need some packing materials, a label, a reliable courier and of course, your iPhone. Make sure to find a trustworthy shipping agency, or a courier, so that you would not have to worry about whether your phone will arrive safely and on time. So, if you are planning on shipping your iPhone overseas, keep on reading for some useful advice and tips and tricks.

The reasons for shipping iPhone overseas

You are probably wondering why do people ship their smartphones overseas. Believe it or not, this is very common nowadays. And, there are many reasons for doing it. Namely, the number one reason is buying a smartphone abroad. Some people just can not wait for the newest phones to hit their home market. So, they might order them online or buy them overseas.

the photo of an iPhone
We do love our iPhones, and many people will do anything they can to get their own first. This is why we have online shopping and shipping.

Also, some countries do not have to pay taxes on them, and thus the price reduces a lot. The price is reason number two. And the reason number three is that people are sending it to the repair shop, or sending it to somebody as a gift or just selling it to somebody far far away. Last but not least, some people move to another country, and sometimes it happens for them to forget their phones. So, moving internationally with ease can be done, thanks to modern technology.

Find the right courier service

First things first, you have to find a good and reliable courier agency. With so many couriers out there, the first step is knowing which one you need in terms of delivery. From same-day delivery in your city to quick international service, everyone has different needs so you can narrow the search that way. Also, if you have troubles finding one, ask friends and family for some recommendations or look for online reviews.


A man shipping iPhone overseas
Finding a reliable courier can be a very hard task. It is very hard to trust one person to deliver something from point A to point B. Remember to always choose a courier service with lots of experience.


So, when you narrowed your search, you should look for the services they offer. For example, an online tracking service. This option is not necessary, but it is very helpful, in a way that you always know where your phone is located and the date of the arrival. It is a good idea to ask for insurance as well. Phones are expensive things, so you should always have them insured. Having a reliable courier service is the most important thing to look for when shipping iPhone overseas.

Packing materials you will need

Whether you are shipping iPhone overseas or any other delicate and fragile gadget, having the proper packing material is crucial in ensuring safe transport. If you fail to pack your phone for shipping properly, and the device gets damaged, the chances of a successful claim are very low. This is why it is vital to know how to pack your device properly. Moreover, these tips will help you with packing anything when moving abroad. Here is what you will need:

  • The original box of your iPhone – If you do not have it, you can buy a cardboard box of a similar size in some hardware stores or stationery shops.
  • A cardboard box which is slightly bigger – It has to be sturdy enough. Do not use old cardboard boxes, since most of the time they are very weak.
  • Bubble wrap – and a lot of it. You will need it in a couple of steps. Bubble wrap is not expensive and you can find it almost anywhere. Buy a bunch of it.
  • Packing peanuts or polystyrene chips -This is for the inside of your box. Sometimes packing peanuts and polystyrene chips are hard to find. If you can not find them in a hardware store, you can use crumpled paper.
  • Duct tape and scissors – You probably have these two laying somewhere in your house, so you do not need to buy them. Just make sure that your duct tape is wide and strong so that it will not damage on the way.

Shipping iPhone overseas – how to?

So, now let us talk about the most important part of shipping iPhone overseas – the instructions on how to actually pack the device. Here are some tips and tricks we think would help:

A ma with a shipping box
All these tips and tricks for shipping iPhone overseas can be applied to any gadget, big or small.
  • Put the phone in its original packaging. If there is some extra space inside the box, you should wrap your phone in some bubble wrap to provide an additional layer of protection. Then, seal the box with duct tape. However, if you do not have the original box, you can buy one of similar size in a stationery shop. If the box is too big for your phone, you can always fill that extra space with bubble wrap.
  • Put the packaging in a larger box – Take that box and fill it with polystyrene chips, crumpled paper or more bubble wrap. Then put your original box inside of this bigger one. Make sure that the box is completely surrounded and that it can not move. You can check this by gently shaking the box. If you do not feel and hear any movement, your mission is accomplished.
  • Seal the box – Get your duck tape and seal the larger box on every side.
  • Attach the label – Remember to add labeling containing a word such as “Fragile” or similar.

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