Founded in 1990, Kokusai Express is a representative national logistics company in Japan, growing amid the economic development of Korea and Japan.

Based on the logistics innovative know-how as well as human resources and technologies accumulated in the Japanese logistics market where the entry barrier is high, Kokusai Express Japan realizes the optimal logistics service for the purpose of customer satisfaction and the best competitiveness, growing into a comprehensive logistics company that provides services in the every area of the logistics sector.

In terms of corporate management, Kokusai Express prioritizes customer value “CS management” as a motto for the purpose of concentrating its capability on the on-time delivery system for customer orders and quality innovation; and also makes its best efforts to build up “efficient management” system via integrated logistics strongholds and efficient warehouse management.

Kokusai Express pushes ahead with “future management” for establishment core capability to flexibly respond to uncertain future in line with the changes in corporate environments in the globalization era and the contemporary flow of international logistics, planning to continuously innovate the infrastructure of logistics information system and cultivate the human resources specialized in global logistics.

Kokusai Express takes the initiative in logistics revolution in the 21st century of the digital era and is reborn as a company specializing in digital logistics that has earned the trust of its customers, promising to provide the best logistics services.

Na Seung-do
Representative Director and President.
Kokusai Express Co., Ltd.

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