As a logistics company established in 1990, Kokusai Express developed an extensive network making you able to make the right move in the right direction. Not only that we have the solution for all your needs but we also look to improve our equipment, tools, and know-how by implementing the modern approach to the logistics business.

Therefore, we offer contemporary logistics services, doing everything efficiently and effectively, and keeping our customers and clients satisfied and smiled. Our global network allows us to properly do every job we start. Whatever project or cooperation you have in your mind, let us discuss and find a solution for it. It’s more than achievable if you hire Kokusai Express.

Looking to outsource your logistics? Kokusai Express Japan is here for you!
Kokusai Express Japan – Quality, safe, and affordable logistics company

With the commitment and professionalism of our PR department, we can say that only the best people are employed in our company. Not only from the aspect of know-how and handiness, but also for their kindness and attentiveness. Whatever kind of interaction you have with our company personnel, rest assured you will be welcomed properly and that our staff will do everything to satisfy all your needs.

Our customer service is always there to answer your requirements. No matter if you have only a few simple and easy questions, or you require the proofs for our licensure and our staff competitiveness. Kokusai Express has all that prepared in advance. Therefore, you won’t have to wait for more than a couple of minutes before you get the accurate answer to your question or requirement. Of course, if you have a need to get a detailed explanation of some procedure or operation, our professionals will make sure you get one.

To give you a better insight of who we are, what we do, and how we do it, let’s discuss:

  • Contemporary logistics services It’s more affordable to outsource some of your activities because Kokusai Express can conduct more money-saving and time-saving operations.
  • Our global network We don’t conduct our operations only in Japan, but globally.
  • Customer support What makes our customers that satisfied.
  • How our PR works Which way our PR department influences our company culture.

Our services

To get a clear picture of what kind of help you can get if you hire us, here is a list of our services:

  • Moving assistance No matter if moving locally, long distance, or internationally.
  • Transportation Quick, safe and efficient transportation methods are what Kokusai Express is famous for.
  • Cargo Forwarding Outsourcing one part or whole supply chain? Kokusai Express has you covered!
  • Warehousing Whatever kind of storage you might need, we have a solution for you.
  • Customs clearance Avoid the problems with the documentation, hire us to do the job.
  • Japan Joint Logistics Center Korea Conducting your business in Korea but cooperating with Japan, we can make it easy for you.
  • Transportation of precision machinery and equipment Even this complicated processes are not a problem at all for Kokusai Express.
  • 3PL If you want to outsource full logistics from your company, Kokusai Express is the company for you

Use our global network to decrease expenses

What do we mean by global? Well, simply, no matter where you need to conduct some job or project, we can help you. Not only that Kokusai Express has economical transportation methods minimizing the overall costs of transportation, but we also have our facilities out of Japan. Currently in China and Korea. Therefore, no matter if you import products to Japan, or export them from Japan, we are there to help you ease the process up. Regardless of whether we own some capacities or not, we have a cooperation with harbors worldwide. Such a thing helps us, besides lowering the costs, to speed-up the process and escape the most common troubles with cargo forwarding, transportation etc. Above all, this is what helps us exceed our clients’ expectations.

Customers and clients praise our customer support

Why? Because we treat every single customer the same. Professional approach and full commitment to the client’s needs distinguishes us among other logistics companies. Mostly, the logistics companies are great systems paying attention only to lowering the costs and speeding up the processes. Surely, this is what the logistics companies exist for. However, being human, polite and attentive is something that makes a logistics company different. And that is what we have implemented in Kokusai Express since the very beginning. Therefore, not only that you will enjoy lower costs and faster transportation, but also a treatment by our staff. Whatever your needs are, whatever question you might have, or whatever process you would like to understand better, our customer support will be more than happy to be there for you.

PR sector makes sure Kokusai Express Japan is completely open to the public

It’s not only enough to have high-quality services, it’s essential to communicate them to your clients. It’s even more important to be fully transparent. In terms of providing the proofs of licensure, competitiveness etc. for domestic and for international business. To keep our customers fully informed, Kokusai Express Japan have all the required licenses on our website. Hence, you don’t even need to demand them. Simply go to our official website and you will find the licenses.

Our efforts to keep our company open to the public are recognized by different media. This is why our name often appears in the newspapers, TV shows, radio programs etc. To make sure different languages speakers understand who we are and what we do, we made multilingual videos. Besides our website, we have also a catalog of our services. Hence, you have an option to download it or to examine it online.

As a company eager to implement the positive changes, and respecting our clients’ opinion, Kokusai Express invites you to let us know if you think something should be done better or in a different manner.

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