A short guide for students moving abroad

Moving to Japan is the dream for so many people, and you should feel really lucky if you have a chance to visit or live in this amazing country. It is going to be different than anything you experienced before, and that might be the reason so many people around the world move here every year. Japan is a country known for a great education as well, so it’s not a coincidence that you might be one of the students moving abroad. That is why you can get some of the best movers if you hire Kokusai Express Japan. Having an easy move is really a done deal this way, and you will be able to have a great experience in this amazing country.

Why do you need to know all about moving to Japan before doing it?

making sure that you have an amazing relocation is much easier if you know what you need to pay attention to. So, you are in luck, because Japan is a greatly organized country and finding out just what you need to have for each part of your move is easy here. What documents do you need to have, where fo you need to go and what do you need to do? No matter if you are moving from Japan, or to it, you will get all the information with ease. So, you just need to get all the information and you will do just fine. Getting a great moving company is obviously one of the most important parts of this part of your life. A responsible moving company will take care of your belongings and help you deal with all the other services.

students talking
You will have amazing student days in Japan if you prepare

You need to pay attention to many different things

As you already know, Japan has a culture that is respected and talked about across the world. This is one of the things that makes it so desirable for ex-pats from all over the globe. So, once you know that this is the place where you want to be, you need to start learning about cultural differences. It is the best way to be truly prepared for your days here. This is when you should look for all the moving services that you will need. Your belongings can be moved without any issues this way. Students moving abroad to Japan need to be sure that they know how to deal with these issues.

What are the things that you need to know, related to the moving process?

Japan is a great place to live in and you are lucky that they are so incredibly organized, so you can get all the information about every part of your move without issues. Students moving abroad will have no issues getting a job if they want, and that will easer the relocation. To apply for your Visa, you will need:

  • Your Passport
  • The annual report from the Japanese employer
  • Documents showing professional qualifications
  • Visa application
  • Certificate of eligibility
  • Your Resume
  • Photograph
  • Application fees
  • Acceptance letter from Japanese employer
There are a lot of documents you need to take care of, but you will do just fine

Moving as a student to Japan

There are Japanese student visas as well, and those are the ones you need to apply for. But, once you apply, you need to learn how to fit in. So, you can get to know what are the things you can and should do that will make your stay here easier, by far:

  • You will apply for a residents card once you get to Japan, at the airport
  • Get a job before you start planning your relocation. Getting a visa in Japan is much easier if you are employed here. You will need proof as well. But, students are not able to work while studying every day, so you can choose to just study.
  • Getting to know all about the culture will help you fit in much faster
  • Japan is traditional and modern at once, so you should make sure you can see the line and act appropriately in every situation
  • Moving is easier if you find a home first as well, but you need to know if you would rather live in a traditional Japanese home or the modern one. If you choose a student dorm, you will be just fine too, japan is great at this
  • Knowing the language will make your stay much easier as well
  • You will get your Visa easier if you have higher education or a long line of experience in your field of work, but since you are just a student, make sure you can prove that you are moving to Japan for studying

Once you get your visa, you will have a great life in this amazing country. You will certainly fit in in time.

What should you move?

Moving to Japan as a student, no matter if you are planning to get a job or not, you will have to decide what you want to move with you. You need to know where you are going to live first, obviously, so make a decision first. If you want to live in an apartment or a house, see if you get a furnished one. If you can’t, you need to decide if you want to move your belongings or get the new ones once you get to Japan. Make sure that if you decide to bring your belongings, you contact your movers and get a free moving estimate. Get a customs clearance service too and you will have an amazing experience in no time. Moving is easier this way.

customes clearence
Get a customs clearance service and you will have nothing to worry about

If you are one of the students moving abroad to Japan, you need to know just how to do this. Apply for the student visa and you will be able to start packing and moving your belongings right away. There is nothing for you to worry about. Japanese people are amazing, and you will love your stay, for as long as you are here.


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