A guide to shipping exercise equipment

Shipping exercise equipment is an essential and challenging job. Although it is usually an addition to your package when relocating, it is necessary as well as furniture or wardrobe. It is more important to remember that equipment is generally susceptible, fragile, and expensive. For those reasons, you must be careful and pack your items in special packages in unique ways. Also, you will need to organize transportation to seal and protect each of those pieces. You should rely on a professional company like Kokusai Express Japan for this job and expect the best moving experience.

Why is shipping exercise equipment that complex?

Shipping exercises include a lot of different pieces. Some of them, like treadmills or room bikes, are heavy and require packing. On the other hand, you may have minor, lighter parts, which you can put in the bag or box. Depending on that, you should prepare for packing.

Although small, handy weights could be extremely heavy

Disassemble equipment

Like in another packing, you must disassemble equipment and pack on minor pieces. It is essential to make the kit easy to pack and transport. If you are unsure how to do it, you should ask for help. Professionals usually know the system and can help you in this situation. Sea freight forwarders have all needed to prepare you for transportation.

Choose the best packing material

It is for sure that you cannot find the most reliable packing material for exercise equipment. You can use standard cardboard boxes in most cases, but you should be careful with them. If your equipment is heavy, like weights, you can damage packages and other containers inside the vehicle. Make sure you have chosen the best moving services Japan for this job.

Pack and secure all individually

Equipment has a lot of small pieces which are heavy but sensitive. They can damage other parts of the vehicle, or other parts can hurt them, too. In that case, you will need to adequately protect them from damage and ensure that you have organized everything perfectly. You should care about those pieces like you transport sensitive or expensive items.

Label boxes

Workers in the moving company can surprise when faced with heavy boxes with the exercise equipment. Although some of them could be small like handy weights, they can be cumbersome—professionals in companies label boxes, marking heavy boxes so that workers can prepare for heavy loads. Sealing the boxes and protecting them from damage is also essential with a double layer of tape.

Make sure that you have organized transportation properly

Companies usually contain shipping in a way that protects your items. They do not care what is inside the boxes. However, telling the company’s people what is inside your containers is crucial. In that case, they can protect and transport them with care.

Choose the type of transportation

Depending on the type of equipment, size, and weight, you should choose the proper transporting method. You have a list of different options, so ask the most professional overseas shipping companies for advice and help in this case.

  • If you have small equipment, you can pack them in a standard package;
  • There are great models of vans and trucks that you can use for shipping exercise equipment;
  • For huge pieces, you can use pallets or containers.

Define the time of shipping

You can easily choose the shipping time after communicating with the company. Companies usually have standardized transport models, but clients can choose better options. The best is to select express shipping when delivering is possible in a short time. In some cases, you can expect shipping in 24 hours. It is possible if you are transporting items on a short distance, though.

Use pallets for large items

The company will surely recommend using pallets for the huge pieces. A pallet protects your items from damage and loss, also protecting other items in the vehicle. Using pallets is very simple, and even you can pack items there. You should know that things on the pallet are protected from loss since they are sealed with unique packing material. However, you will need a particular vehicle and lifting fork for loading the truck, so you should hire a company for this job.

A gym
Shipping exercise equipment is especially difficult for gyms

Transportation for business is different

Companies that work with exercise equipment are entirely different. They transport their items in a way that pays special attention to your items. Also, you will need to organize transportation if you are a company that uses this equipment. Gyms and stores have utterly different preparation for this job.

Prepare documents

There are situations when you will need to prepare special packages for shipping. However, many forget about the documents, especially when transporting items overseas. Although you have small equipment, you will need to prepare documents that the country demands when importing. It is essential to prepare documents if you are in a gym that has to fulfill standardized obligations when working. Luckily, a good company will help you in this case, so you should not worry about the paperwork.

Buying exercise equipment

If you are a private person but want to buy exercise equipment, you also must prepare vehicles for transportation and papers. However, in this case, you should have proof that you have correctly purchased and paid for the equipment. It is essential if you transport items abroad. On the other hand, buying equipment should not be that difficult, especially if you have all the needed equipment for reassembling and packing.

A gym
Transporting for companies is different than commercial transporting

Do not forget about the insurance

No matter if you have small pieces of equipment or large and heavy ones, you will need to protect them. Companies will surely pack them properly, making sure that nothing terrible happens. However, you should take insurance, like in any other situation. It will protect you and the company from unexpected circumstances. Insurance is not expensive; you can rely on it when something terrible happens. Shipping exercise equipment has a lot of challenges, so you can have troubles and avoid them.


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