A guide to relocating overseas with small children

Relocating overseas with small children is challenging but not difficult to manage if you listen to professional advice. Moving is complicated for everyone, and you indeed feel exhausted even if you have not started packing yet. You should talk with the children before moving and organize the process with their needs in mind. Cooperation with professional companies like Kokusai Express Moving is essential, and they will arrange this job more efficiently and faster. Do not hesitate to ask professionals for advice to avoid mistakes that could make the whole process harder.

Organize relocating overseas with small children properly

You can organize the process quickly with professionals even if you have not planned to hire them. Professional companies know what could happen upfront and prepare for problems and troubles. On the other hand, people that work in these companies are usually willing to help so that you can rely on their experience in any situation.

Relocating overseas with small children is very stressful

Talk with the children about the moving

You have prepared for moving, hired professional international movers in Japan, and started with packing. However, you still do not have talked with the children. It is a huge mistake. Children are susceptible and need to be pampered, no matter how difficult it for you is to manage this process. They are unhappy when they need to change their living place and do not accept moving quickly. The first step must be talking with them about the steps and processes that you will do next.

Encourage them to talk about their fears and needs

You know that moving is complicated, so imagine how hard it is for them to change their living place. They will not accept this change quickly, so make sure you have given them time to get it. You should encourage them to talk about the fears they feel and the troubles that they expect. You will see how difficult it is for them to accept this change. Make sure you have hired the best overseas moving companies to avoid problems and losses.

Understand their fears

It is for sure that children will not accept this move quickly, even if they look like that at first glance. They can afraid of lossing their stuff and toys, so take a professional warehouse Japan to put your things away. Moving is complicated, and you will not have many opportunities to talk with them later. So, try to understand their problems and fears and change whatever you can.

  • They will lose their friends, which is one of the biggest problems that they will face;
  • You must understand their fear of the new school, place for living, and people at the new address;
  • One of the reasons why relocating overseas with small children is problematic is that they cannot quickly learn the language and new culture.

How to help them to adapt?

The first step in relocating overseas with small children is to prepare them for the change that waits for them. Make it fun, learn a language with them, or explore the new culture and country. You can find many sources on the internet that help expats and connect people from different countries. It will be an excellent opportunity to communicate with the child and help them relocate faster.

Explore the new country

Relocating overseas with small children is difficult but has significant advantages. You can turn this occasion into an exciting friendship with your child or learn more about Japan. Children love to explore new countries, especially if it does with their parents. Make sure you have made it funny, so organize learning, analyzing, and researching with the children. Thanks to the internet, you can do this job much faster and easier.

Learn the language

You will surely need to learn the language, so make it fun and more accessible. You can involve your children in this process and organize it as a competition. One of the most significant ways to make it fun is to turn it into a tournament, so a member of the family that learns the fastest gets an award. Also, you can organize making a friendship with the people from the country and chat with them before moving. It could help you a lot after moving.

Help children to find friends in a new country

Changing school

You will have many difficulties adapting to the new job, so imagine how difficult it is for your children to adjust to the new school. No matter how old your children are, they will have trouble adapting to the new place. Make it easier as much as you can. Talk with them about the opportunities and help them choose the right school or additional program that the school offers. The hardest will be to find new friends and the child will need your full support in that case.

Small changes that make differences

When relocating overseas with small children, we usually worry about the significant and noticeable changes. We forget that changes will be complex for a child, and they are not as small as they look. You can learn a lot about small changes they feel as big ones after talking with the children and researching on the internet.


Many people forget that food is one of the most significant changes when moving to another continent. Some countries have different food cultures and use other ingredients and spices. It could be hard for you and your child to adapt to them, so make it easier. Try to explore all you can before moving, and organize food trying. Thanks to globalization, we can try many cuisines in our country, so explore those restaurants in your neighbors.

Culture and holidays

Some families could find holidays very difficult when relocating overseas with small children. While their special holidays could be forgotten entirely, others will replace their space. Children could feel lonely and depressed knowing they will not celebrate popular holidays. However, each country has its original holidays that could be attractive and interesting as the old ones.

Teddy Bear
Do not hurry with the adapting

Take your time

Moving to another country is difficult, so do not hurry with adaptation. Give your children and yourself time to adapt and accept this change. Organize picnics, visit cities with neighbors, and organize parties with new friends. Your children will enjoy completely new friendships, and you will have opportunities to meet new people. After all, relocating overseas with small children is as difficult for you as for them.


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