A guide to relocating overseas with pets

So, you’re about to move overseas. This must be a very exciting time in your life right now. If you happen to have a pet, then you might be worried. There is no need to be, though. We are here to help you with our guide about relocating overseas with pets. Even though relocations tend to involve a lot of stress and anxiety, that doesn’t have to be the case at all, even if you’re moving internationally. Just make sure to read our tips on how to do so, and you and your pet will have a smooth relocation experience. This is the ultimate end goal for all relocations, so don’t skip out on any of our moving tips. Even if you don’t have any experience with relocations, this shouldn’t be too hard. Here are some of our most useful tips that are sure to help you and your pet.

Relocating overseas with pets will be a lot easier if you hire a reliable moving company

First and foremost, we highly suggest that you hire a reliable moving company like Kokusai Express Japan. It’s true that you can try and do everything on your own, but you will objectively have a harder time doing so, especially if you have a pet that you need to relocate overseas. A reliable moving company that is experienced with pet relocations will allow you and your pet to experience a smooth move without any troubles, so we highly recommend that you do so.

Movers helping people in relocating overseas with pets
Relocating overseas with pets is almost impossible without professional help. We strongly advise that you use it.

Now, the problem arises when you are about to select a moving company. Considering the fact that there are a lot of movers out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones are going to be worth your time and money. That’s why we always suggest that you start reading the online reviews of a company you are looking to hire. Customer testimonials will allow you to see what past customers had to say about a certain business. They have no incentive to lie, so you will have a clear picture of whether or not you should be hiring certain movers.

Microchipping and vaccinating your pet

Before you look up international movers Japan, it’s important that you microchip and vaccinate your pet. Even though this is something you should do nevertheless, some people don’t. Microchipping and vaccinating your pet is essential and mandatory in most cases if you wish to relocate them overseas. That’s why we highly recommend that you do this before hiring a reliable moving company. Microchipping and vaccinations don’t cost a lot these days, so there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t do it. You will be able to find your pet more easily if it gets lost, even in another country. They are also going to be more healthy and immune to various diseases if you decide to vaccinate them. We insist on you doing this, as you will have a lot of trouble if you don’t, especially if your goal is to relocate with them overseas.

A cat
Make sure that you microchip and vaccinate your pet before you relocate with them.

Don’t forget to start packing early on

A lot of people don’t realize that the packing process is the most difficult part of any relocation. This is even more true if you are going to be moving overseas. Amongst our moving tips, we simply need to mention that you should start this on time. You should dedicate a lot of time to packing as it is the factor that decides whether or not your items stay protected during transport. Don’t forget to pack all of your pet’s necessities as well. If you happen to have a busy working schedule and you can’t leave enough time for packing, then we simply recommend that you hire professional packing services. Most movers tend to offer these, and we recommend that you use them if you have the money. You won’t have to think about whether or not your packing skills are good.

Storage usage is common among people who are moving overseas

When you are looking at overseas moving services, we also suggest that you look into storage space rental services. If you are moving internationally, chances are that you will need to leave some of your items at home. If you don’t have a place for them to stay, we recommend that you look into storage solutions that a lot of moving companies are providing. You will most likely hire long-term storage options as you will need your items to stay for a longer period of time. You should also store all of your pet’s items if you won’t be bringing them with you. These services also cost money like packing services, so make sure that you look into your budget limits thoroughly so you can afford them. It’s easy to exceed your limits when you are moving, especially internationally.

A person packing
Underestimating the packing process is something you must not do.

Training your pet to be in a crate

When you are relocating overseas with pets, it’s pivotal that you train them to be in a crate first. They are going to spend some time in a crate while they are being transported, so you will want for them to get used to that feeling. If you don’t put enough time and effort to train your pet to be in a crate, they are going to be really scared and anxious during their transport. This is something we seriously recommend that you do, as a lot of bad things can happen otherwise. Your pet will have a much easier time if they get used to being in a crate, even if it is for a short period of time while you are training them. Make sure that you start doing this a long time before the relocation actually takes place. Your pet will be grateful to you.


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