A guide to moving from Japan to another state

There are many reasons why moving from Japan to another state is difficult. Each country has a specific culture, customs, and holidays, which could be very difficult for people who have planned to move. On the other hand, with the right moving company like Kokusai Express Japan, you will easily prepare for moving, so you will have more time for adaptation.

How to prepare for moving from Japan to another state?

There are many ways to organize this job easily and on time. Cooperating with the right company will short time for preparing and surely help organize the job. However, there are a lot of things that you should do alone before moving.

A couple walk a dog
Moving from Japan to another state could be very stressful for you and your family


You will hardly be able to live in any other country without a proper visa or working allowance. You must check what to prepare when moving from Japan to another state. However, depending on the country you are going to, the procedure could be different. In some cases, international movers Japan could help you organize paperwork before relocation. Do not forget to check how long your allowance or visa takes.

Health insurance

Some countries have specific demands when health insurance is about. You may need medical help during traveling, and it is obligated to have one before start with the journey. Most overseas moving companies organize simple and easy procedures for getting this time of the insurance. After moving, though, you will need to have insurance in the country where you will live as you get there. It is also important to have for members of the family.


Changing the country where you live is not easy, but the most demanding is adapting to the new rules and culture that are worth in those countries. It could be one of the things that will make moving from Japan harder. There are a lot of situations when you can even offend a colleague or neighbor by not following customs or rules. It is your job to check cultural rules and differences and adapt to them for each country you are planning to move to.

Start with learning language

You surely know that learning a language could be difficult. It is especially important when moving for a job where talking and writing skills must be at an almost native level of knowledge. For many, language difficulty could be important when preparing to move from Japan. You will not make a mistake if you start with learning before preparing to move. Learning small lessons every day could save money and spare you from stress.

Learn about everyday life

In each country, people live by following their habits, culture, and obligations. You must learn about them as much as possible and prepare to move properly and on time.

A meal
Changes in food are part of changes in the cultural life


Although you will continue to celebrate your holidays in Japan, you must learn about the holidays in your country. Not only will it affect the job and working days, but it would be great to follow the customs in the country where you live. Nowadays it is not difficult to learn about the holidays, though. You can easily start with celebrating after a brief research on the internet and then continue with the celebration with colleges and neighbors. They would be happy to show you what their culture looks like.

Take a trip before moving

If it is possible, organize a short trip to the place where you will live. Although it demands time and money, it could significantly shorten the adaptation period. Also, you will be able to inform about the people that live there and learn a lot about the basic things about the place. Do not hesitate to ask people there for information about traveling, visiting places, and similar information. It could also help in looking for an apartment in the new place.

Packing is crucial

When moving to a new country, you will have a lot of jobs to do. Packing is one of them, so you should be prepared for it much earlier. Follow the guidance that professionals gave you.

Organize packing and storing of the items

Certainly, you will not be able to pack all your items and transport them with you. For that reason, you will need to rent storage, so your items will be safe and protected. Experts recommend using storage in Japan, so transporting and organizing packing would be much easier. Make sure that you have chosen a company that is well organized and professional.

  • You should pack your wardrobe and seasoned equipment at a place where it will be safe;
  • Make sure that you have chosen a company with professional workers and long experience;
  • It will be a job that you will need to pay special attention to, so prepare for it, too.

    Traffic signs
    You should learn about the traffic in a new country

Do not pack everything

This is a moment in your life when you make a fresh start, which could be very important for your future. You should make this process as easy as it is possible. To avoid delaying and problems, you should pack only essential, while other items you will buy after moving. It isn’t very worthy to pack a wardrobe, especially seasoned ones, you will have plenty of time to buy it before the season starts.

Learn small habits and customs

Learning the culture of the country where you are moving in is one thing, but living in the country is completely different. Each country has special customs and everyday habits that only people born in the country know. You will much easier adopt them when informed about them before. It presumes to give a tip in restaurants, which the Japanese do not, for example. You will be surprised how many people do that. In that way, moving from Japan to another state and adapting to a new country could be much easier.


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