A guide to leaving Japan to start a business

Find out what leaving Japan to start a business should look like. It may appear as an overly complicated thing to do, especially if this is your first time doing it. Fortunately, Japan has done a lot in the past decade to streamline and structure this process. With some help, you can set up a business in the land of the rising sun without breaking a sweat. Juggling them to extract all the crucial information is time-consuming, if not confusing. Missing out on just one important step can render your efforts futile. Companies like Kokusai Express Japan follow these changes and act accordingly.

Leaving Japan to start a business

Leaving Japan to start a business is an excellent opportunity to learn more about another country. It is more than the emotional processing, reverse culture shock, job hunting, and all that other fun stuff that awaits. Professional international freight forwarding company will help you with the rest.

Prepare for leaving Japan to start a business.

Inform about visa

It is essential to acquire a particular kind of visa to start a business in any country as a foreigner. While you needed four-month access in Japan to create a job, you may need a different document in another country. Provided that you already acquired a visa, please check whether it legally allows you to open a business or you must apply for a new one. Do it before starting with looking for overseas moving companies.

Find a new office and cancel the last one

Call your real estate agent and inform them of your departure soon. Some agencies require up to 2 months’ advance notice. Avoid paying additional rental fees by getting this chore done and over with first. Choosing a professional moving service Japan has is crucial to improve your job.

Cancel services

Most phone and Internet contracts require a 1-month notice, so do it before hiring international movers Japan offers.

  • If you want to avoid paying for an extra month of service that you won’t be around to use, notify your phone and internet companies one month before your departure date.
  • For some housing units, utilities are bundled within the lease, and letting your real estate agent know of your upcoming departure will be the same as canceling your utilities.
  • If you signed separate contracts for any of your utilities, you must let them know your move-out date before leaving Japan to start a business.

Know your business

To accomplish your move, keep calm and remember an essential step. Aside from packing up personal belongings, there are regulations and procedures to take care of when leaving Japan permanently. You should learn relaxation techniques to prevent failure.

Choose employees from the local community.

Insurance and pension program

After filing your move-out notice at the city office, head to the National Health Insurance window, turn in your health insurance card and settle your bills. If you have paid into Japan’s pension program for over six months, you can file paperwork to request a refund. The maximum amount that you can withdraw is up to 36 months. It is essential to do this before leaving Japan to start a business.

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