7-step Japan packing program

Everyone has trouble packing and that is a fact. No matter if you’re packing for work, holiday or simply tidying up around your home, it’s the same. And then you have packing for relocation – the most demanding type. The simple reason being that you are never aware of the amount of stuff you have until you actually start packing. The good news is that you can always have your professional mover do the packing for you, for an extra fee of course. However, why not at least try to do it yourself? It’s a sure way to preserve your Japan relocation budget for other expenses. And this is where we come in to help, with a simple yet effective Japan packing program.

Make your relocation fly by with the help of this Japan packing program.
This Japan packing program will help your relocation fly by in no time.

1st step of the Japan packing program – planning

Behind any success there is a good plan that made it happen. So the very first thing you have to do is start planning your relocation well in advance. Here’s how you do it:

Follow our Japan packing program and win the relocation game.
It all comes down to taking out one tile at a time and securing a stress-free packing and relocation.
  • 4-5 weeks before the move – you go about finding the ideal Japan moving experts to make the relocation happen. Once you do this, you set a moving date and your relocation is under way.
  • 2-3 weeks before the move – you make an inventory of all the things you have. You then start planning out your budget and getting rid of clutter.
  • 1 week before the move – you start getting packing supplies. And you begin packing up all things that you do not need on a daily basis.
  • moving day – pack the last of the things left in your place and welcome the moving crew.

Now, we feel that it’s important to mention that this is a general plan that we advise on. You can modify it time and schedule-wise, depending on personal opinion and timetable.

2nd stepping stone of the Japan packing program – inventory

When it comes to conducting an inventory list, don’t overthink it. This is not a job that someone is making you do. No, this is simply a tool intended to help you know what you are moving and how much it will take to have it moved. It is also a way of getting a precise estimate from the Japan moving company you decide to hire. For you to have a list of belongings that need relocating will help them provide you with an exact relocation cost.

3rd step of the Japan packing schedule – clutter removal

Learn how to let go and reid yourself of clutter before moving to Japan.
No one has need of clutter – so it needs to go before Japan moving day comes.

Another advantage of doing inventory is that you realize the extra things you have lying around. The Japanese believe in minimalism and practicality, so clutter is never welcomed. This is why you need to consider ridding yourself of all those possessions you no longer have a need for. And there are actually several ways of doing this:

  1. Gifting away
  2. Donation
  3. Recycling
  4. Selling them

No matter which option you go with, you will find yourself lighter and thus your relocation to Japan easier. After all, you are not traveling next door but to a completely different country. So why would you want to drag something you have no use for – it is a new beginning after all.

4th step of the Japan packing program – getting moving supplies

Even if you have the bare minimum of stuff, you are still going to need a box to pack them in. However, given the consumer society we live in, there will be more than can fit into a single box. So you will end up needing moving supplies: boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, etc. There are two solutions you can look into.

  • First one would be reaching out to the Japan relocation company for assistance. Most professional movers offer packing supplies as part of their services – all you would need to do is check out the price.
  • Second option would be finding a store that specializes in packing supplies. This might look difficult, but it really isn’t, given the demand for relocation.

5th marker of the Japan packing program – labeling

As a precautionary measure, consider labeling all boxes before you start packing. This is our advice to avoid forgetting afterwards. Labeling your moving boxes is important for loading the moving truck to being with. It helps both you and the Japan relocation team load the truck in accordance with the contents of the boxes. As a result, you minimize any potential damage that can occur during transportation.

Another advantage of labeling is the unpacking. When you reach that new apartment in Tokyo, you will have to unpack. However, that might prove difficult if you are not sure what you are unpacking and where. This is where labeling the boxes can make everything easier. Next thing you know, you’ll be unpacked and set.

Japan packing program step #6 – packing

And so we get to the actual packing part. This is something that also requires an organized and planned out approach. You can’t just go about your home and pack belongings as you go – it’ll cause utter chaos. So this is the solution – you need to go one room at a time:

Just like climbing a ladder - one box and room at a time.
Just take your packing one room and box at a time and you’ll be all set.


  • Living room – the room you are least likely to use on moving day should be the very first to be packed.
  • Bedroom – once you get up on moving day, everything can go since you will be spending the next night in your new apartment in Japan.
  • Kitchen – get that morning coffee and breakfast and enjoy your old home one last time. And once that is done, pack everything up, beginning with glasses and plates. Leave the appliances for when the movers arrive, but don’ forget to empty out the fridge.
  • Bathroom – the simple matter of being last is that you will need it throughout the day of the move. And once every other room has been cleared, you’ll have to take out the cleaning supplies and tidy everything one last time.

All other rooms that you might have should be cleared a couple of days before the movers come.

7th and concluding step of the Japan packing program – loading

Once you’ve got everything packed and ready, time to help out with the truck loading. Now, even though any professional Japan movers you hire will know how to organize the boxes, your insight can still help. It is your stuff after all, so who better to know how fragile certain items are?

And next thing you know, you’re packed and all set for your journey to Japan. So enjoy the trip and ready yourself for unpacking, but that is a tale for another day.

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