5 Warehouse Organization Ideas You Can Implement Now

The warehouse is the heart of any business. You need to make sure it runs smoothly so that your customers and clients are satisfied. A well-organized warehouse will ensure that your customers return and your company grows. On the other hand, it’s not always easy increasing productivity. The person in charge of a warehouse has many things on their mind, from organizing the workers to creating the perfect layout. However, with the right advice, anyone can handle it. If you implement our five warehouse organization ideas, you are going to see your business flourish.

Warehouse organization ideas – keep your warehouse clean

A disorganized warehouse can cause many problems for your business. First, the more clutter there is around, the higher the chances of accidents occurring. With tools and products scattered about, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Second, it will reduce the productivity of your warehouse, making certain shipments late or even completely miss them. Finally, a dirty warehouse can cause you to store unnecessary inventory, such as items that are past their expiration date. This will also mean that you will spend more money than you need to.

To keep this from happening, you should regularly clean your warehouse. Moreover, make sure that everything is put back in its place after use. Each worker should also participate in this, as it is also their responsibility to keep the tools organized. Clean the floors and shelves where you store items, so that you avoid sending out dirty or damaged products. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you treated their items with care.

Warehouse organization ideas - hire a cleaning crew regularly.
A clean warehouse can make your business more efficient.

If you need room for your business to grow, consider using warehouse Japan that is safe. This type of storage is ideal for an overflow of products as well as for regular storing.

Label everything in your warehouse

You probably don’t remember every single item in your warehouse. So you shouldn’t expect your workers to either. If you want to increase productivity in your warehouse, labeling is one of the essential warehouse organization ideas. Label each piece of inventory you have and make sure that you write all the necessary information. This can include the product name, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), color, size, date of manufacturing as well as when you received it, etc. For perishable items, make sure you also have the expiration date clearly marked. Moreover, be consistent in where you place the label on the product. For example, you can always place it on the bottom left corner. That way, you will always know where to look to find the information you need.

Aside from inventory, you also need to label other things in your warehouse. These include tools, work areas, safety hazards, aisles, etc. Also make sure that safety signs are easy to spot, as they are crucial in a successful warehouse.

Many small and large businesses opt for a bonded warehouse. This type of warehouse is excellent for those who work with international clients, or want to expand their business overseas.

Warehouse organization ideas – change the layout

The way your warehouse is planned will greatly affect the way it functions. If you don’t have the proper flow, your business might suffer. That is why it is so important that you implement a logical floor plan. First of all, you need to ensure that people and products can move freely about the warehouse. Nothing should be blocking the way of, for example, a forklift. A worker shouldn’t have to move something in order to pass through. Second, your workers should be able to access every item you have in the warehouse, without having to move another one. This not only makes shipments quicker but also allows you to manage warehouse inventory and spot on time the items that have expired. Finally, make sure you use all the space you have. No sense in cramming too many items in one place if there is more room somewhere else.

Additionally, it is a good warehouse organization idea to set up work areas for different positions.  Have separate places for people working on receiving, storage, packing, and shipping. This will make your shipments faster and more efficient, which will, in turn, result in happier clients.

Draw a blueprint of your warehouse.
Before you start organizing consider how much space you have.

Creating the optimal layout for your warehouse can be quite difficult. However, there are online tools which can help you map out and design one that fits the needs of your business. Use these tools before you start moving around shelves and stock items.

Install shelves to maximize space

When they lack space, many businesses choose to expand their warehouse by buying more space. While this is a good option, it’s not always available. You might not have the funds to expand horizontally. So instead, you should expand vertically. This means that you should maximize warehouse space utilization by using vertical space. Many warehouses have tall ceilings which allow for high shelves and racks. This is an excellent way of storing your products since it doesn’t take up any space on the floor. When you install shelves, make sure that they are sturdy and can support a lot of weight. Also, if you are placing some against a wall, it is important that you secure them to prevent them from falling over. Shelves in the middle of the warehouse can be secured as well, to avoid any accidents or loss of product.

Tall shelves can save you a lot of space.
Buy sturdy shelves if you store heavy items in your warehouse.

Warehouse organization ideas – regular maintenance is a must

While these warehouse organization ideas will improve your business, they won’t help in the long run if you don’t regularly make sure that you are maximizing efficiency. At the end of each workday, all workstations and areas need to be clean, tools need to be back in their place, and there shouldn’t be anything on the floor that can block the flow. Moreover, try to hold weekly or monthly meetings with your workers. Ask them if they believe an area can be improved and if they have any suggestions or questions. Having satisfied workers is also an important factor when it comes to keeping a warehouse organized.

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