5 questions to ask your shipping company

What are the 5 questions to ask your shipping company? Asking your company for information before you hire them is a plain common sense thing to do. The world we live in is a complex one, there is no denying that. There are so many things that we ought to see, hear, say and do during one day, week or month, that if you think about it for a bit, it can seem a bit overwhelming. As the world has moved forward, so did the different types of industries whether they were born into existence they just developed further.

M S C cargo ship sailing
It is always worth considering alternative ways of transport

A great example of this is the transportation industry. From using horses to carriages to cars, and then trucks, ships and even airplanes, they have gone a long way. Furthermore, separate branches have been established that are sort of a part of this industry but are quite different from one another. They all deal with transporting someone or something. From human beings and animals to furniture, fuel, food, medicine, etc. Basically, whatever you want to send and wherever you want to send it, you can most likely find an individual or a company that can do it for you. However, putting your trust in a stranger is not always easy. Especially because every section of our society has some dubious elements. That is why we will now cover 5  essential questions to ask your shipping company before hiring them.

1. So, what is the first of the questions to ask your shipping company?

In modern times, it is as important as it ever was to be careful. This goes from crossing the street to going out on a date. We should never let ourselves become too cautious, but being professional is something that we should always strive to be, at least in situations where you are paying someone to provide you with their, in this case, shipping services. So, the first of the questions to ask your shipping company, i.e. to find out about them is legitimate they really are. Sometimes “the word of mouth” can go out of hand and following your friend’s second-hand proposition can end up badly.

question mark neon signage
Asking for referrals is really important

It is not that they want to trick you, but if they have heard of this couple of guys who “do something related to shipping” and that they are not sure what do guys do exactly, then you should first make sure that they what they are doing is legal. So, check if they are offering their license already by default. If not, ask for some credentials and do some Internet digging. If you cannot find them there, and they refuse to give any documents, then it is time to move along.

2. What services do they offer?

Now, if you do successfully establish their legitimacy, then it is time to check what they offer. Quality moving and/or shipping firms such as KSE moving usually have quite a few types of services to offer. From long-distance shipping and moving to pack your belongings in your stead, such companies can help you with a wide plethora of tasks. Still, it is really important that you know what you want. Before you actually start looking for a company, make a list or a plan of what the whole process should look like. See what exactly are the essential services that you need. Once you have that ready, then it is time for questions to ask your moving company, this being one of them.

3. How does insurance work?

The question regarding the quality and availability of insurance is a really important one. Why do you need insurance if you have hired a quality shipping group you may be wondering? Well, even in the case of having hired the best possible moving group and even if they provide all sorts of quality services such as project cargo, it is still really important to have insurance. Even if the best of professionals are handling your things, accidents can still happen. It may be no one’s fault, but things can still break or get misplaced. Even if everybody does their job properly, there may be a mistake or two under certain circumstances. So, do not hesitate to ask your shipping company about the types of insurance they have and have them explain all of it to you.

broken plate - One of the questions to ask your shipping company is the one about insurance
Getting insurance is never a bad idea

4. Ask about the price(s)

The matter of the price of their services and ways of payment is, of course, a really essential one. That is why the payment process should be specified in detail before signing any papers. This can be especially tricky if you are moving overseas. So make sure that you are up to date with all the rules before making the deal official. Next, you should definitely ask for the list of all the expenses specifically. Some companies tend to have hidden costs and you should really be careful with this, which is why this is definitely a great question to ask them. Another great question regarding the prices of their services is whether the moving estimate may change over time because some companies have a quoted rate deadline. You should be acquainted with how much the price can change.

5. Practical details of the move

Once you have covered those questions above, it is time for the next phase. Basically, what you are left with is setting up the rest of the details. So, laying out the things such as the date and hour of the start of their services, the address and how many men do you need for the whole process is what you now have to do. Write all down and double-check it all with them.

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