5 Items You Should Not Keep Stored

No matter for how long and where, but there are items you should not keep stored in any circumstance. There are a lot of reasons for that. First of all, there are items that you cannot keep without supervision for a long time. Especially if they are perishable. For some other is important to pay attention to how dangerous they are. No matter what is about, you should know that storing project cargo must be in cooperation with the professional company.

There are a lot of reasons to avoid storing in long term. The most important is the need for storing in the first place. If you have objects that you store for longer than a year, maybe you should consider using other methods. If you have documents or valuable items, it is much better to use a bank deposit or a case in your home. Storing longer than a couple of years is worthless unless you have special sports equipment that you need to keep in the warehouse.

Old books
Old stuff are sensitive and you should protect them from humid and mold

Items you should not keep stored or that you should use a climate storage

There are items that you can put in storage only in special conditions. Among them are usually sensitive and valuable items that you must not keep unprotected for a long time. Also, you will not have time to care about them properly. So, it is much better to leave them somewhere else, under your control. However, if you have especially climate storage, you can put them safely.

  • Food is one of 5 items you should not keep stored in any circumstance – even not for a short term;
  • People usually put valuable items in storage, but it is not smart especially not for the long term;
  • Although international freight forwarding organizes transporting of the jewelry successfully, it is not very smart to put it in storage, even not for the first days after moving;
  • Storage is not a clever space for your documents – you cannot control situation and conditions in storage and protect them;
  • Dangerous items you should put only in places specially made for them – it includes explosives, fuel, and weapon.


There are not many situations when you will decide to put food in storage. Nobody will recommend it, either. However, if you have reason to put food in a warehouse in Japan, you should look for those with a climate. Or not put there at all.


It is very hard to protect the leather when storing it. Leather is a very sensitive material and usually depends on the humid and the temperature. Do not allow yourself to damage it because of not properly storing it. Companies that offer protection of exhibition cargo could help you a lot in this case.

Vinyl records

You can store a lot of things, but vinyl is not a material for that. It is very sensitive and does not accept high temperatures. However, some companies sell special packages and boxes for them. It is important to keep them in the original cover and boxes separated for each record.

Pay attention to items you should not keep stored because of safety

Although you feel much more comfortable if some of your items are put in storage, it will not bring the same level of comfort for other people. Some items are dangerous, as for items inside as for the people nearby. No matter how well you have protected them, you cannot control the situation and conditions in the storage whole time. It is much better to keep them in a safer place.

Leather jackets
It is hard to protect the leather from damage, especially in a storage


Companies that work with antiques know that this job is very important. You cannot keep them in high temperatures and air humidity. However, you can make special conditions that they could accept, at least for a short time. paintings, for example, you can wrap in special paper, while furniture you should cover with linen.


Although people usually use electronic devices, sometimes they need to keep them in storage for a while. However, it is not always a good resolution for them. You should keep them protected from dust, humid and high temperature.

Which are 5 items you should not keep stored?

Finally, there are 5 items that you should not put in storage in any circumstance. Especially not longer than it is normal. However, make sure that even in the best-controlled storages happen bad things. They could be flooded, or damaged, too. Some of them could have a humid or mold. So, even if you feel them safe, you should avoid putting sensitive items there. Also, check your storage from time to time.


Since paintings are expensive and very sensitive you should find proper and special conditions for storing them. It is not easy to keep them away from damaging, though. You should have a proper air temperature, climate, and humidity. It is not possible to manage it in common storage.

Family photos

We know how important those photos are for you. It is for sure that you will need to keep them protected from damaging and getting old. However, storages are not quite a good place for them. You cannot control situations there. Especially if you will visit your storage from time to time. Do not take that risk to find damaged photos that mean so much to you.

Family photos
No matter how you love your family photos, storage is not a good place for them

Flammable items

Regardless of the reason why would anyone put flammable items in storage, you should avoid it in any circumstance. Although storage is closed, you cannot be sure that something could happen there. Electric wires could make spark and it could make a fire or explosion.


A bank deposit is a much better place for your documents than storage. Not only that you will not be able to control the conditions in storage, but you will also need to protect them from stealing. There is not storage that could provide you safety in this case. So, it is better to not take that risk.

Hazardous and toxic materials

It is for sure that those materials are among 5 items you should not keep stored. There is no completely safe way to store them. If you need to store them for some reason, there is a hazardous materials storage guideline that could help you.


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