5 fun facts about living in Japan

You have decided on moving to Japan and as you know, there is a long journey ahead. Aside from packing, forming a relocation plan, dedicating a budget, and contacting Kokusai Express Japan moving company, you must learn a bit about Japan as well. So, let us bring you up to speed and provide a few fun facts about living in Japan. Later when you have time you can add a bit more and it should be enough for a start.

The first among the fun facts about living in Japan is that there are no trash bins in public

If you decide on moving to Japan, you must know this. There are no trash cans in public places. Yes, we know, shocking news! But it is true. So, do not get your garbage with you because you’ll have to take it back home. Or if you create some along the way, do not waste your time searching for a trash can because you won’t find one. Ok, maybe you will at the train station or at the nearest convenience store but those are the rare examples. This brings us to the next question. What happens with the trash anyway?

no tattoos allowed is among the fun facts about living in Japan
Sadly, you’ll have to find a way to cover your tattoos.

As one of the fun facts about living in Japan, we can only say, all the trash is recycled! Yes, all of it, and it is a mandatory thing to do. Yup, everyone must do it and everyone is doing it. Basically, when you have trash bins for plastic, metal, glass, and paper, inside, behind, or in front of your building, you can easily divide everything into bags and recycle like a pro. Amazing, right? Besides, you do not want to pay fines for not recycling, do you?

Hide your tattoos

We are not sure if you are moving internationally for the first time or you have done it already in the past. But you may have already heard that in some cultures tattoos represent all kinds of markings and symbols. Japan is one of those countries and sadly, not a positive one. Tattoos have a nasty reputation culturally simply because they are linked to the Japanese Yakuza mafia. So, it is one of the fun facts about living in Japan that you simply must know because it can turn the tide. If you have visible tattoos, you cant apply for jobs dealing with customers. You can’t visit certain areas like swimming pools, beaches, spa centers, etc. Luckily, not all of them. Just be aware of it and check out beforehand. Especially if you have something written on you that is related to the Japanese culture.

Get used to living in a small place

Depending on your budget, you’ll either end up with an enormous house or with a tiny room. But in 90% of the situation, it is the second option. Especially if you decide on living in Tokyo. Housing is expensive in Japan and people there got used to living in smaller cramped places. It overtime became a tradition. So, you will get used to it as well. And if you have more furniture than your apartment can fit, rent warehouse Japan and leave some of it there until you figure it out.

People think it is a bad place for vegetarians. It is another among fun facts about living in Japan

Yes, and they think this for a reason. Vegetarians and vegans are struggling in Japan because they can’t find restaurants with a single item on the menu. Basically, Japanese cooks use a lot of eggs in most of the meals so vegans can dream about finding a restaurant where they can eat. As for meat, big portions are rare but it does not matter when almost all meals have some kind of meat inside. So, if you fall into any of the two categories, you’ll have to search online for specific diners or spend a lot of time at Mcdonald’s.

Ramen noodles in a bowl
Eggs and meat are all over the place. Vegans and vegetarians must know this before moving to Japan!

Do not freak out when you lose your wallet

Japan is famous for its very low crime rate. Probably one of the lowest in the world. Therefore, in case you lose your wallet there is a high chance that you’ll see it again very soon. And we can’t say this for any other country out there. All you must do is report that you lost it to the nearest police station, and to all the locals, bars, restaurants, and shops where you have been that day. Also, report the missing wallet to the nearest Koban police station because if anyone has found it, they will keep it for you. Yes, maybe the money will be missing but all your documents will be there. Which is the most important thing.

These were a few fun facts about living in Japan. We suggest you dig out a few more because Japan is rich in culture and quite different from the rest of the world. The culture shock that you’ll experience here will be great, so you should better prepare for it. Good luck and have fun in Japan!


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