3 Household Items that Require Crating

People will hardly choose to transport household items that require crating. In situations when they can leave them behind, they will choose that option. When people have important questions to carry, moving companies recommend going to them at home. However, if you are one of them that cannot do it, you should consider taking with you. International freight forwarding works to make transportation easier. When moving large items, they find a few things.

  • It is essential if those items are valuable – for many transportation companies is very hard to protect items when moving;
  • Large questions are tough to transport – there are not many companies that accept to transport project cargo;
  • Fragility is crucial if you want to move heavy and valuable things – it is almost impossible to protect them adequately on long distances;
  • Time of moving is critical for these situations – it is the reason why companies do not accept to transport household items that require crating because of time they will lose on packing;
  • Sometimes customers demand special preparation and have a will to pay more – so companies put those items on the list for crating before transportation.

However, among household furniture that must crate are things that you have maybe not considered for packing at all. There are a lot of valuable and susceptible items that you must not put at the box and take with you. Luckily, professional movers have experience with this. They will provide you advice on how to pack them properly and organize moving for them.

Pallet with boxes
You should prepare household items for crating

Which are three household items that require crating?

There are a lot of items that you should consider packing for moving. Most of them cannot only wrap in plastic. They need special attention when packing. For some of them, though, countries have made special laws to organize packing accurately. It is essential not to leave them with other items in the vehicle.

Electric appliances

Not only that, but electronic devices are also expensive; they are highly sensitive. For most people, it is essential to protect them during transportation. However, you must admit that their price is also significant. You must safeguard items that cost so much. It is the reason why moving services Japan cares about them so much. You should wrap them in full protection, though.


There are no many situations when you transport artwork. However, in case you need to move to another country, you will surely organize to take pieces of art with you. Your new home will look beautiful, thanks to that. It is for sure that you will not be the only person in that way. Global forwarding includes transportation and packing of those items, too.

Antiques (or collectors’ items)

You know how these pieces are expensive. In most cases, you should organize moving of them in individual vehicles and packages. Luckily, moving companies have a way to pack them properly. They will choose, looking at the size and shape of it, how to pack appropriately. Also, you should consider taking insurance.

Apart from the household items that require crating, what this type of packing presumes?

Crating is not that common in transportation companies. There are a lot of them that do not include it in their services. The reason is the price, but a specified way of packing. On the other hand, crating is very popular in companies that transport heavy cargo. You could see those large packages, usually wrapped in plastic on photos. In most cases, they will charge packing and transporting of them specially.

Pallet with boxes
It is very important to protect items inside of the packing

They must protect properly

Since those items are the most delicate and costly pieces, you should think of crating with protection. Among things that require packing are items that cost a lot and represents unique parts. So, preparation is more than standard packing.

What is on-site crating?

It is a particular type of crating that usually, business companies use. They call it on-site because packing and protecting they finish at the place, before going to the company. It saves time and money. You should make contact with the company and coordinate packing on time.

Reusable crates

Maybe you think green and do not have a mind to use recycled packages? It is not a problem for most moving companies. They will recommend the best option for you, and inevitably new packages. However, if you like and accept old ones, say it to the moving company.

Sensitive items

The company will surely accept your advice and needs when your details are about. So, if you feel that your staff need more protection and special packages, you should tell it to the company. It is for sure that they will respect your wishes and needs. So, if you have sensitive devices, you should tell them that. They will surely protect them adequately.

Among the most used packing materials for crating are pallets

How they pack household items that require crating?

In most cases, they will pack them on pallets. So, for most people, crating includes different sizes of pallets. However, pallets cannot protect items inside correctly. You should consist of plastic and other types of protection. Most people think that packing must wrap your things to protect from humidity and pests. Finally, it should keep together all the parts that could release.

Different packing materials

It is for sure that they will use packing materials that are best for your package. However, do not avoid their advice when it is about. Do not forget that they have experience with different types of packing.

Custom made boxes – or pallets

Pallets are a common way for packing stuff for transport. However, you can ask for boxes, too. It is especially possible if you have small items for moving. In some cases, you could ask to protect items from losing, also. So, the company must be prepared to fulfill these types of needs, too.

Heat shrink crating

It is a particular type of packing that allows protection without damaging. It is essential where to use shrink wrap. In some cases, it could damage items inside. Household items that require crating usually are susceptible. It should protect them on time.

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