3 golden rules of global shipping

Entering the global trade game can be very complicated. There are so many different rules and regulations. Also, the ways in which it can be conducted. For someone who is just starting out, these obstacles could sometimes look insurmountable. On the other hand, if you manage to master those rules and immense regulations And learn how to use global transportation companies like KSE moving to your advantage, big profits are waiting for you around the corner. Of course, large profits are the main reason why people are entering the global shipping game. But the complexity of it all is the main reason why others are not using this as a way to produce revenue. If you are thinking about import/export as your new source of income, remember these 3 golden rules of global shipping.

Keep these golden rules of global shipping in your mind constantly. They can lead you to success

As mentioned above, global trade and shipping is a very complex organism. A lot of things depend on each other, and so is your success. Obviously, your accomplishments are yours only. However, you can compare to other companies operating in similar fields of interest. You can steal some ideas and tricks from them. But if you do not learn how things are done, you cannot expect to maximize your profits. As there are so many things to know about this industry, you cannot learn everything immediately and you have to start with something. Therefore, learn these three golden rules of international shipping. Bear them in mind constantly whether you are just a rookie or experienced exporter.

Three golden rules to bear in mind

  • Research and planning is the most important of all golden rules of global shipping
  • Learn how to use overseas shipping companies to your advantage
  • Maintain complete control over your finance at all times
Globe and cardboard boxes
Global trade is a complicated business

Constant research, learning, and planning as golden rules of global shipping

Like in every business, this one also must start with an idea. However, to get a good idea, you will need to do good research. As the name says, in global shipping, the world is your playground.

Find profitable products and markets

There are practically countless opportunities on every continent, in every country. You can export a certain product from your country. Maybe you can import products to your country. Or you can, import and export products from and to countries on the other side of the globe. Completely independent of your country and its regulations. The research you will conduct will mainly help you to locate profitable products and markets that could lead you to success.

Learning about different laws and regulations

Once you identify the product and locate possible markets, you will have to research regulations regarding those products flows. Every country has different laws and regulations about everything. That also refers to international trade. If you plan to operate in unfamiliar countries and markets, you need to be well informed.

Planning as one of the golden rules of global shipping

Finally, if you think that you found the perfect products and markets, and mastered every law there is, you can start developing your plan. Your plan should evolve around product quantities and markets, global forwarding companies that will help you to accomplish this, and of course, you finance. These three are the golden rules of global shipping.

Illustration of a magnifying glass stop watch and charts
Planning is one of the most important parts of global shipping

Choosing the right type of transportation and dealing with shipping companies

Transportation is the main ingredient of global shipping. Unless you own a transportation company, you cannot deliver your product to your destination without a global shipping company. However, it is important to remember that a product can reach its destination in many ways.

Means of transport

You can transport a product via air, sea, road, or rail. Of course, it all depends on the type of product. But also, countries, and cost-effectiveness.  Also, the same means of transport at different shipping companies don’t mean the same delivery time and prices. Different shipping companies can use different routes. This conclusively leads to very different delivery times. Additionally, they can have very different prices even with the same vehicles and routes. Know how transportation costs affect your budget. And learn how to manage it.

Work only with trusted shipping companies

Another important thing to remember is that the company’s reliability can be crucial in this type of business. Global shipping is a big numbers game. And every delay, interruption, or cargo damage can cause significant expenses. That is why one of the most important things is to find a reliable carrier. Japan logistics companies are well known for their accuracy, perfectionism, and professionalism. If you will operate in this part of the world, make sure that you only work with Japanese companies.

Controlling your finance is maybe the most important of the golden rules of global shipping

Global shipping involves lots of money. Buying large amounts of one product, transport, and different taxes, duties, and fees represent a big burden to the company’s budget. If you want to stay on top of the game. And you want to make profits. Knowing your expenses and planning your budget is probably the most important part. Of course, if you are not skillful in budget management, hire someone who is. A good financial advisor can make a big difference in the end. Of course, hiring one also adds up to your overall expenses.

Laptop and a calculator
The most important of golden rules of global shipping is to control your budget

Bear these golden rules of global shipping on your mind, but never stop learning

Those are the 3 golden rules of global shipping. Planning, transport, and budgeting. Of course, you need to learn many more things if you want to be successful in overseas trade. Remember, constant learning will help you to enter the shipping game. But it will also help you to stay on top of it and maximize your profits. Never stop learning! Good luck!

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